5 Questions to Ask Your Professional Roofer Before He’s Hired

When it’s time to hire a professional roofer, there are some important questions you’ll want to ask them to ensure you are getting a reliable and ideal candidate for your roofing project needs. Below are 5 questions you should ask them before you make a contract commitment.

  1. What is your company name and full address?
    You can determine the company’s length of time in business by getting their full address. Don’t accept just a post office box, ask them for their entire street address and name. Hiring a professional roofer that is local could also speed up the completion of the project.
  1. Do You Have Insurance?
    It’s important that the professional carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect and cover you if there should be a roofing accident. You can verify they are covered by asking to see their certificates of insurance. Ensure the certificates they hold are current before they begin the project.
  1. Are You Licensed?
    Ensure they are properly licensed by your state and city. The requirements for a roofing contractor license will vary by state and some states will even require the contractor to be licensed. Ensure their license is current and they don’t have any violations that are outstanding.
  1. Will You Replace My Old Roof?
    In some cases, the roofer will simply inspect your roof and if it looks good to them, shingle right over it. This is not a good approach since there could be hidden rotten wood and soft spots underneath your old shingles leading to costly future problems. Make sure the professional roofer takes up your old roof before placing a new one down.
  1. Do You Have References?
    They should be able to provide you with references and not just a list of satisfied customers only. Have them provide you with their last three clients they did a roofing job for and give these clients a call to see what their experience was with the contractor. You should also obtain references from jobs that were completed a few years ago as well to get a sense of their long-term reliability and quality.

Buying a new roof can be expensive and you want to ensure the job is completed thoroughly and with high quality. You should base your business relationship with your potential roofing expert based on trust, integrity and their commitment to high quality. Once the job is completed, you can help prolong the life of your new roof by having an attic fan installed