Signs You’re Using Your Air Conditioner Inefficiently

When summer approaches and the heat becomes unbearable, many people begin to look for ways to cool their home affordably and effectively. Combining the right technology and products can help provide you with the comfort you are looking for as well as improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Signs of an Inefficient AC Unit
Are you using your air conditioning efficiently. There are tell-tale signs that you might not be.

Increased Costs
An air conditioner that is inefficient will make it harder to keep your home cool. The increased power it uses affects your electric bill negatively, increasing costs. If you see an increase in your electricity bill when not using your ac any more than usual that’s an indication that it is operating inefficiently and you should contact a professional HVAC technician to come in and inspect it.

Unusual Sounds
Each appliance has its own sound that you will likely get to know. If you notice any unusual sounds, such as clanking, rattling, and banging or anything out of the ordinary, this could indicate a problem and you should shut off the appliance right away. Unusual sounds could mean some type of broken component like a broken fan blade or something electrical. Have a technician come in and check it right away if you notice an unusual sound coming from your AC unit.

Cycling More Frequently
The thermostat is your AC unit’s ‘brains’. If you notice any frequency in the on and off cycling of your system, it could mean that your thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced. Everyday usage and dust can wear the internal mechanism of your thermostat. It could also be a problem with your compressor. To maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner, all components should be working together properly.

Cooling your Home with a Whole-House Fan
A whole house fan can purge stale, hot air from the inside of your house and bring in fresh, cool air from the outdoors. You can keep your home comfortable and cool all day or night with a whole house fan, and without even using an air conditioner in many cases.

A whole house fan can also help to decrease the costs of your home cooling. When you use it correctly, you can cut down your electric bills substantially. According to Home Power INC, a whole-house fan, on average, uses 90 percent less energy than an AC system.

Being aware of the signs of an inefficient AC unit will not only help keep your home feeling cool and comfortable, but will keep your power bills low as well. This will also ensure that your home cooling system lives a long life. Your air conditioner might be working harder than what it should be doing, which can lead to certain components and parts to wear more quickly. If you do not have this problem corrected, you could end up with large repair or replacement expenses.