SmartAttic Roof Mount Fan SMT 2.0 2116 CFM

SmartAttic Roof Mount Fan SMT 2.0 2116 CFM

SmartAttic Roof Mount Fan SMT 2.0 2116 CFM

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During the summer, an attic can be 40-50° hotter than the outside temperature, which in turn heats up the house very quickly. With an attic fan, you can cool the attic to the same temperature as it is outside, greatly reducing the house from heating as quickly.

With the Smart Roof Mount Attic Fan, gone are the days of having to adjust the thermostat for your attic fan. When the fan detects temperature over 80°, or humidity over 60%, the Smart Attic Fan comes on at the lowest speed. As the attic starts to heat up, the Smart Attic Fan automatically adjusts it’s speed.

This attic fan is able to keep the attic cooler since it ramps up the speed of the motor in accordance with the temperature in the attic rather than a standard single speed attic fan that would come on at a higher temperature.

Download the Installation Instructions

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  1. Self-adjusting 10-speed ECM variable speed motor proactively cools and ventilates the attic
  2. Moves air at a rate of 743 CFM at the lowest speed to 2116 CFM at the highest speed
  3. Built-in thermostat and humidistat
  4. 15-Watts on low speed up to 170-Watts on high speed
  5. Roof mount installation for versatile use cases
  6. 15 Year Warranty


Motor Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz

Energy Use: 15 – 170 Watts

Air Flow (CFM): 743 – 2116

CFM/Watt: 50-12 CFM /Watt

Number of Speeds: 10

Motor Head Diameter: 16 1/2″

Overall Height: 14″

Roof Cap Dimension: 24″ x 24″

Warranty: 15 year

Download the Installation Instructions