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Superfan Multi-Room Whole House Fan

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The Superfan is sold out!

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The Super Fan is sold out! 

A breakthrough in whole house ventilation, our proprietary Superfan is the #1 choice for maximum home cooling. Engineered in Germany and manufactured in the US, the Superfan is built to last — rated for 25+ years of operation when used under normal residential conditions.

For years, our customers have been asking for a powerful but silent natural home cooling system in a single unit. This is it. Unlike a regular or axial fan, The Superfan is specifically designed to silently pull hot air through ducting and push cooler outside air into multiple areas of your home. This fan’s remote mount and innovative backward-curved impeller motor offers efficient whole house ventilation with whisper quiet operation at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Installation is fast and easy.  Optional “set it and forget it” 8-hour on/off timer and wireless  remote control also available.

Why Choose The Superfan?

  • One fan does the job of many, effectively cooling up to 4 rooms of your home
  • The only HVI Certified ducted whole house fan on the market
  • The only UL Certified ducted whole house fan system on the market
  • Virtually silent operation, Lab Certified at 1.9 Sones (Learn More)
  • Can be configured to duct directly outside for homes without sufficient roof or attic venting

Superfan Whole House Fan


  • Fresh air ventilation & cooling for your home at an affordable price
  • Multiple room cooling that even works behind closed doors
  • Reduces your utility bills and in some instances eliminates AC use altogether
  • German made backward curved fan motor – 25+ year rating
  • Whisper quiet, maintenance- free operation
  • Environmentally friendly, “green” product that improves the air quality in your home
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory Listed (UL) for your safety

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  • One Superfan cools 4 rooms in your home, even individual bedrooms with the doors closed
  • Vent the Superfan via standard attic configuration or duct directly to the outside
  • Modular 3 piece design assembles in minutes
  • Decorative, low profile snap-on grill included (grill measures 10 1/4″ x 10 1/4″)
  • Optional off-season grill insert prevents hot air escape in winter
  • Available optional remote control
  • 3 year standard warranty
  • German made fan motor – manufactured in the US

Download the
Superfan Product Manual

 Not Enough Net Free Venting?  No Worries…

Standard Configuration:
The Superfan Standard Configuration
In A Standard Configuration Air Is Pulled Into The Attic, While Hot Air Is Pushed By The Fan Out Of The Home Via Existing Vents. 
But What If You Home Does Not Have Adequate Roof Venting?  No Worries… The Superfan Ducted Configuration
The Superfan Can Be Configured To Duct Directly To The Outside – Eliminating Need For Adequate Roof Venting!


The Superfan Specifications:

Specifications For The Superfan

Superfan Modular Design

 With Its Modular Design The Superfan Can Be Easily Installed In Both Older & New Homes


Main Housing: 22.25″ L x 14.25″ W x 22.25″ H

Intake Port Housing: 22.5″ L x 7.25″ W x 22.5″ H

Exhaust Port: 16.5″ Length x 12″ Diameter

Requires 3.3 square feet of net attic venting

Download the Superfan Product Manual

  • Vent Cover with Grid Closed
  • Vent Cover
  • Easy Fit Into Attic
  • Assembled Unit
  • Attic - Duct Cutaway View
  • Vent - Attic Cutaway
  • Superfan in the Attic
  • Superfan with 4 Hoses
  • Superfan with Exhaust Hose
  • Roof Cutaway View of the Superfan

Here Is What A Few Of Our Superfan Customers Tell Us:

I definitely noticed a difference in the cooling of my home – The performance is excellent and it is extremely quiet. Anna, Covina CA

The design of the Superfan is superb. The installation was so easy, I did it myself. The size of the unit allowed me to carry it through my existing access panels without having to cut my ceiling. Brian Moore, Parker CO

I was very impressed with the design of the Superfan. Quality craftsmanship and design is superb. John Thomas, CO

The Superfan does a great job even with moderate humidity. David Spires, Dallas TX

I have used less A/C in the Summer because I bring in that cool fresh air from outside at night. Thomas Ridgeway, Anamosa IA

My overall rating is 10 out of 10. The performance and quality is excellent. Tons of airflow for my 2500 square foot home. I even noticed the airflow sucking up my shades. Brian Lawson, Phoenix AZ

The best feature to me is the design of multiple vents in the home and the fan is remotely mounted allowing very quiet operation. The fresh air from outside is so refreshing. I have saved at least $100.00 a month on my electric bill. James Dastrup, South Jordan UT

Thank you for your outstanding customer service in my recent purchase of your Superfan. I really couldn’t have expected a better experience. THE SUPERFAN is all that it’s name implies. It moves a high volume of air (2,000 cfm), is very easy to install (wall plug attached), cheap to run, and is as quiet as my central air conditioner. I placed individual vents in each of my kid’s room and one in the master bedroom and we all sleep like babies . . . and we are all quite cool. Cal Liedtke, Santa Clarita CA

The Superfan is amazing – Finally a unit that doesn’t sound like a helicopter taking off. It is the quietest unit I have ever heard and I have heard MANY. I have saved $300-$400 a month on my electric bill. David Miles, Glen Burnie MD

The Superfan is so quiet, I can run it all night. It has the ability to cool numerous rooms at the same time which is a plus to me. I have saved about $400.00 on my electric bill this year alone! Scott Kenley, Valley Springs CA