Pros and Cons of Using the Quiet Cool Attic Fan

Are you looking to replace your old air conditioning system? Be sure to check out Quiet Cool attic fans before making a decision.

The pros and cons of Quiet Cool attic fans

You already know that hot air rises because it is less dense than cool air. This means that heat can stay in your attic, carrying humidity from your daily cooking and showering activities. When this happens, your home becomes warmer.

Install an attic fan that can pull hot air from and out of the attic. But before you invest in a system, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of installing an attic fan.

Pro: Lower room temperatures

The hotter your attic becomes, the more likely it is to raise the temperature inside your home. A fan can lower its heat by up to 50 degrees, effectively cooling your house by 10 degrees.

Pro: A moisture-free attic

With hot air comes moisture, which is never a good thing for your home. Humidity can result in mold and mildew, leading to allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and severe structural damage. An attic fan can prevent excess moisture in your attic, saving your health and your wallet.

Pro: Reduced power costs

It can be tempting to use your air conditioner all day, especially during warmer months. But this isn’t good for your electricity bills. Central cooling systems consume a significant amount of energy.  

Quiet Cool attic fans are much more energy efficient. For example, the Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan only uses 148 watts at its highest setting.

There are no real disadvantages to installing an attic fan. However, improper use can cause carbon monoxide buildup as the fans pull in the gas from the heaters and furnaces. Additionally, improperly installed attic fans can cause roof leaks. You can prevent these problems with proper installation and usage.