Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has This Form Of Home Cooling Been Used?
Before there was air conditioning, people used fans to cool their homes. Whole house fans have been used in the United States for a very long time. Within the last 15 years, fan designs and efficiencies have changed dramatically for the better.
Will Your Whole House Fans Affect The Blown-In Insulation In My Attic?
By virtue of design, our fans will have a minimal impact on attic insulation.
When Should I Use My Fan?
Typically the evening and early morning hours. Anytime the outdoor temperature is cooler than inside your home.
How Can I Maximize The Use Of My Fan?
Use a timer to run your fan(s), you will be able to gauge how long the fan needs to run before you can turn it off. Once turned on the fan will automatically shut-off. In the early morning hours, at the beginning of each day – run your fan. Before it heats up outside, turn your fan off – and close the windows and blinds to your home. If you set your air conditioner on a thermostat, set your thermostat to 78-80 degrees. Because you pre-cooled your home, it will take longer for your home to heat up and start your air conditioner.
Can I Use A Whole House Fan During The Daytime?
Only if it is cooler outside. Never run your fan when it is hot outside, it would be like turning your home into a giant convection oven.
Can I Use My Fan With Air Conditioning?
Not simultaneously, you would be sucking conditioned air out of your home. When used as an air conditioning assist – you would run your whole house fan to quickly reduce the ambient air temperature inside you home and cool the structure. When you do turn on your air conditioner (after shutting your windows and turning off the whole house fan), it will work faster to cool your home.
How Long Will It Take For My House To Cool Down?
There are to many variables to give a specific time. The size of your home, ceiling height, direction its facing, amount of windows, etc. all different factors that need to be taken into account. Every home is different. The greatest cooling benefit will occur when temperatures are cooler outside. The larger the difference in temperature the faster your home will cool down.
How Long Will It Take To Cool My Home And How Long Should I Keep The Fan On?
Part 2 On average you should run the fan for 4-5 hours to ensure the attic is cooled. The attic is what keeps the home hot. We always recommend the use of a timer. Keep in mind that our systems will provide you with a whole house ventilation fan that can be used to exhaust cooking odor, stale indoor air, etc. Weather is also a factor. During a nice spring day you may only need to run the fan to exchange the inside are with fresh air for a shorter amount of time.
Can I Use My Whole House Fan On A Thermostat?
We do not recommend using a thermostat to control your fans operation. You need to open your windows before using the whole house fan. A thermostatically controlled fan has the potential to turn on if all windows were closed.
Can I Use A Timer With My Whole House Fan?
Is It Necessary To Open All Windows In My Home When Operating A Whole House Fan?
The amount of windows opened should at a minimum be equal to the amount of Net Free Venting required for each fan. You do not need to open every window in your home. In fact, you can selectively open windows to direct the flow of cool air specific rooms or areas in your home.
How Many Windows Should I Open?
Part 2 When using my whole house fan at the same square footage of net free attic venting should be used. For example, a QC1500 system that moves 1,527cfm is required to have 2 square feet of net free vents in your attic. To balance the air flow you will need a minimum of 2 square feet of windows open in your home.
How Do I Determine What Fan I Need?
There are a number of variables in determining the fan you will need. We will recommend the system you need based on the square footage of your home, your climate and your specific needs.
How Much Attic Ventilation Do I Need For The System That I Purchase?
Proper attic ventilation is determined by total airflow (cfm) divided by 750. This will give you the amount of net free venting required
Who Installs The Fan?
Installation is easy. Ideally any do it yourselfer can install our fans. Otherwise a handy man, licensed electrician, or contractor can install the fan.
Will I Feel A Breeze?
Depending on the size of your home and the amount of air flow, yes you can get a system that will give you a breeze.
Will The Fan Also Cool My Attic?
Can I Use A Thermostat With My Whole House Fan?
We do not recommend using a thermostat with any whole house fan. You can call us to find out why 888-845-6597.
What Is The Typical Installation Cost?
Installation cost can range from region to region. If you are not planning to install the fan yourself we suggest getting 3 quotes from competent professionals.
Can I Return The Fan If I’m Not Happy With My Purchase?
Whole house fan is confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping charges.
Does The Set Shipping Rates Apply to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada?
The shipping rates shown only apply for the Continental United States. We can ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. If you need your order shipped to somewhere outside the Continental United States, we will contact you and advise you of the additional shipping charges. In addition, Canadian customers are also responsible for taxes and duties.
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