Traditional Whole House Fans

For may years, there was only one style of whole house fan available. It’s commonly known as a traditional whole house fan.

Traditional Whole House Fan

These ceiling mounted fans are monsters. Designed to move massive amounts of air through your home. If you’ve ever heard one of these fans inside someone’s home – you might think to yourself that an airplane was about to take off. These fans are loud. In fact, if you watch the installing a whole house fan video you’ll see what we are talking about.

The traditional whole house fans use centrifugal fan motors.  Excessive vibration and noise are common with lesser expensive models.  At some point and time, belt-driven whole house fans will require some sort of maintenance.

Installation of this style fan is not easy.  Because of their massive size, most of the time joist cutting is required to frame them for installation.  We would not recommend cutting supporting joist structure in your home.  Anything which compromises structural integrity is not recommended.

We’ve heard from many unhappy customers in the past, who have gone to their big home improvement store, spent $250 on a traditional style whole house fan and later regretted it.

Finally, these type of fans leave a large hole in your ceiling.  If you live in a area with colder winter months, you should build an insulating cover for it which ultimately means climbing in and out of your attic at the beginning and end of each season!