Roof Venting Requirements


Why Having Sufficient Roof Venting Is Important!

It’s all about balance! A whole house fan brings outdoor air into your home which is measured in cubic feet per minute. As the air flows into your home, and through your attic – your roof vents allow the hot attic air to escape from your home. Making sure you have adequate roof vents, which allow the hot attic air to escape is important.

Required Venting: Determine How Much Net Free Venting Your Fan Will Require:

1. Take The Total Cubic Feet Per Minute Of Air Flow (CFM) Of The Fan – And Divide By 750,

2. This Will Give You The Amount Of Net Free Venting In Square Feet Required For The Fan You Select.

Here Is An Example:

The Superfan:

Rated At Approx. 2000 CFM.

When Exhausted Directly Into The Attic: 2.7 Sq. Ft Or More Of Unobstructed Roof Venting, also known at 2.7 sq. Ft of Net Free Venting.

When Exhausted Directly Outside: N/A (The Exception To This Rule – Is When Using A Whole House Fan That Ducts Directly To The Outside Of Your Home. The Superfan Can Be Configured To Duct Directly Out, In Which Case You Would Not Have To Worry About This Important Requirement!)