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  • How Much Do Garage Exhaust Fans Cost?

    Garage exhaust fans are an exceptional  way to keep the air in your garage fresh. There are many features and benefits of garage exhaust fans. They work by pulling outdoor air into the garage and expelling stale garage air, which helps to remove any odors,  fumes, or humidity that might be present. Not only does this avoid the buildup of moisture in your garage, but it also helps to prevent any potential health hazards from lingering fumes. Plus, during the hot summers, it’s an excellent way to control the temperature inside your garage.

    In this blog post, we'll discuss the cost of garage exhaust fans and the different factors that can affect their price.

  • How Much Do Attic Fans Cost?

    Attic fans are an essential component of any household ventilation system. They are installed on the roof or in the attic and work to exhaust hot and stale air, keeping the attic cool and dry. In doing so, they improve indoor air quality, prevent moisture buildup, and reduce energy costs.

  • The Science of Energy Saving Fans: How They Work and Why They're So Effective

    Energy-saving appliances are not just a fad. They remain in high demand, especially for homeowners looking to lower their energy costs. One of the must-haves is the energy-saving fan, and while there are many options today, whole-house fans can be the best choice.
  • How Energy-Efficient Fans Can Improve Indoor Air Quality and Health

    Fans serve more purposes than simply providing relief on hot summer days. When fans are energy efficient, they also save you money by decreasing your reliance on air-conditioning throughout the day. 
  • 4 Ways a Whole House Fan Saves You Money

    A whole house fan is an energy-efficient cooling system that can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. Unlike traditional air conditioning units, which can be expensive to run, a whole house fan uses a fraction of the energy and can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling your home.


    Whole house fans operate by circulating the air in your home. They pull fresh outdoor air in and exhaust warmer, trapped air from your home. They can be used as a supplement to your air conditioner or as a replacement.

  • 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Ventilation This Spring

    Spring is here, which means it’s a great time to improve your home’s ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and mold growth. Also, as warm weather comes in, you want to take all the steps you can to ensure your home will be comfortable in the summer. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to improve your home’s ventilation this spring.

  • Watts Used: AC vs Whole House Fan

    When it comes to keeping our homes cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, many of us turn to air conditioning systems to escape the heat. While AC units are certainly effective at lowering the temperature indoors, they can also be energy-intensive and costly to operate. If you're looking for a more energy-efficient cooling solution, a whole house fan may be just what you need.

  • Why Do My Windows Have Condensation?

    Have you ever woken up to find your windows covered in a layer of moisture, obstructing your view outside? This is a common occurrence in many homes, particularly during the colder months of the year. But why does condensation form on windows, and what can you do to prevent it?

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Installing an Insulated Whole House Fan

    You are likely here because you have heard many good things about an insulated whole-house fan. It’s an effective way to cool your home, improve indoor air quality, and minimize your use of air-conditioning to save on energy costs.
  • Quiet Cool Attic Fans Explained: Choosing the Right Size for Your Home

    When it comes to attic fans, Quiet Cool remains one of the most popular brands. Its products are proven to help keep homes cool and comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.
  • I bought a new house. Should I keep or remove the whole house fan?

    If you've recently bought a new house, you may be wondering whether you should keep or remove the whole house fan that came with it. Whole house fans are a popular home cooling solution that can help reduce energy costs and improve indoor air quality, but if you’re not used to operating one you may be considering removing it. Is that a good idea?

  • 7 Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

    Attics tend to retain solar heat, especially in the summer. This quickly transfers to living spaces, causing homeowners who have air conditioning to lower the thermostat, which results in higher power expenditures and increased costs. Solar attic fans offer many benefits to homeowners, including the below.