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  • 5 Tips for Building a Garage Attic

    Getting more storage space and adding some square footage to your home is something many of us dream about. You could always buy a storage unit, but they can be expensive and are less convenient than having storage located inside the home. One of the best solutions to adding more storage space into your home is by building an garage attic.

    Having an attic garage allows you to remove clutter from your house and your garage floor to free up room. Searching for something in a garage packed with things you rarely use can be a frustrating task, and adding an attic garage is a perfect solution to this. Below are five tips for building an attic garage.

  • 5 Reasons to Shift to Solar Power

    If you haven’t made the switch to solar yet, it’s a great idea to consider doing so. There are many beneficial reasons to make the transition to solar; however, below we will discuss the top five reasons to make the switch to solar.

  • How to Know When It’s Time to Replace an Old Whole House Fan

    Whole house fans have been around for decades, but as the air conditioner became more commonplace in American homes, whole house fans became more scarce. However, in more recent years, as the masses have become more aware of their carbon footprint and indoor air pollution, the whole house fan has made a comeback. Plus, opening some windows and turning on your whole house fan is a cheaper option than running your air conditioning.

    That being said, if you have an old whole house fan, it might not be up to standard, and could be inefficient, costing you more than a newer, updated model might. In this article, we will explore how to identify when to replace an old whole house fan.

  • How to Get Your Whole House Fan Ready for Warmer Weather

    Whole house fans are a great alternative to using air conditioners as they efficiently cool down your house while using less energy than an air conditioner. Whole house fans can be used in all seasons to circulate air to regulate temperatures inside the home, reduce the buildup of moisture, and reduce indoor air pollution. In this article, we will discuss how whole house fans work in different seasons and climates and to get your whole house fan ready for warmer weather.

  • Garage Ventilation Options: Which Is Your Best Option

    Keeping your garage properly vented is important during the upcoming hot summer months so the heat doesn’t become bearable. It’s also important in the winter as a poorly ventilated garage can build up condensation and even ice.

    But an even more important reason to keep your garage ventilation is to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and other air pollutants in your garage and in your home. If you store toxic chemicals in your house or keep your car in your garage during the winter, these chemicals can leach into your home, affecting the air quality both in your garage and in the rest of your home. Also, did you know poor garage ventilation can lead to a fire in the attic space?

    Luckily, improving garage ventilation is an easy fix! Below, we will discuss garage ventilation options, and which one is best for you.

  • How to Choose a Home Energy Auditor

    There are probably some significant ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Everything from air leaks in your ductwork system, poorly installed or maintained basement and attic insulation, along with the low efficiency of your furnace or air conditioning unit can all affect how efficient your home is.

    This is a growing concern as people around the world are looking to reduce their energy use for environmental reasons — and not to mention the fact that an energy-efficient home has lower energy bills. So regardless of how energy efficient you think your home is, you would certainly benefit from getting a home energy audit.

  • 10 Spring 2022 Home Maintenance Projects

    Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning out the inside of your house. Making sure your house is in good shape for summer and the coming year is a great way to identify and stop any maintenance problems from popping up in the future. Below, we will discuss 10 home maintenance projects you can work on in the spring to keep your house in good working condition.

  • Active Vs. Passive Roof Ventilation

    You know that ventilation in your home is important not only for the health and resiliency of your roof and attic, but you and your family as well. But do you know the difference between active and passive roof ventilation, and which one is right for you?

    Ventilation methods can be either active or passive ventilation; however, under each type of ventilation, there are many subcategories, which makes deciding what type to get challenging. In the following article, we will try and narrow them down for you and explain each type of ventilation system, so that you can decide which is best for you and your home.

  • Do You Need a Quiet Attic Fan for Your Home?

    Does your home feel hotter than usual even if you turn on the air conditioner? If that’s the case, try checking the temperature in your attic. Hot air can accumulate in that space, affecting the entire house and causing temperatures to rise.

    So how do you fix this? One solution is to invest in an attic fan. These electrical exhaust systems are installed on your roof or gable and are designed to expel hot air trapped in your attic. Once the warm air is removed, the fan pulls cool and dry air from your living space.

  • Features and Benefits of Garage Exhaust Fans

    When was the last time you aired out your garage? Not many people realize that an attached garage poses numerous health risks, increasing the levels of benzene and other harmful gases in your home. To prevent this, consider installing a garage exhaust fan as soon as possible.

    The benefits of top-quality garage exhaust fans

    Exhaust fans specially designed for your garage can effectively improve the area’s air quality. These systems circulate the air inside a garage, drawing in cooler, fresher air while eliminating the fumes.

  • Home Remedies to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Usually, when people think of air pollution, they think of bustling cities with thousands of cars and smokestacks polluting the outside air. But what if the air inside your home that you’re breathing every day may be just as harmful?

    Indoor air pollution has been a rising concern for people as we discover that many things in our home and many things we do may be contributing to an unhealthy home environment. Also, as we move towards better-insulated homes, we seal ourselves and the indoor air pollutants in, exacerbating the problem. In this blog post, we’ll list some easy home remedies that you can implement to improve the air quality inside your home.

  • Are Whole House Fans Hard to Install?

    Nobody likes a hot, stuffy house, so in the summer months, people usually use air conditioning. However, whole house fans have become popular because they’re more environmentally friendly, no longer noisy, and cheaper to operate than AC, while still being effective at cooling down your home. Plus, whole house fans circulate the air in your home, replacing the hot, polluted indoor air with fresh air from the outdoors, making your home a healthier environment for you and its other occupants to live and breathe in.

    Furthermore, if you think a whole house fan would benefit you, you can always use it as a supplement to your air conditioning. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of both AC and whole house fans, for example, on hot summer days when the outside air is about the same temperature as the inside air you can run your AC, then at night when outdoor temperatures go down you can switch on your whole house fan to naturally cool your house and replace the indoor air with the fresh, clean outdoor air.