Why Autumn is a Great Time to Install a Whole House Fan

If you’re thinking about getting a whole house fan this fall, you may be wondering if you should wait until spring so that it’s ready to go when the hot weather hits in summer. In fact, autumn is a great time to install a whole house fan.

While summer does bring unwanted heat and humidity, when you close up all your windows for fall in winter, you’re trapping moisture and air pollution in the home. Therefore, having a whole house fan installed in the fall is a great decision in order to keep your home free from humidity and indoor air pollution.

Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution
Indoor air pollution is a major reason to consider installing your whole house fan in autumn. Indoor air pollution is caused by everyday things like cooking, taking hot showers, bringing in dirt from outside, pet dander, dust, and more. In other words, you can’t completely avoid some level of indoor air pollution. But you can eliminate it with proper ventilation.

During the fall and winter, it can be a good idea to ventilate your home for an hour on warmer days in order to reduce indoor air pollution in the home.

Reduce Humidity
You may think of spring and summer the times when you’re home is the most humid, but your home is also subject to humidity in the winter. This becomes clear when drops of water start to form in and around your windows and you get water in your basement or garage. A buildup of moisture in the air is nearly impossible to avoid in the fall and winter with your windows closed, so you’ll want to quickly run your whole house fan throughout the fall and winter to reduce the humidity inside.

Scheduling Installation is Much Easier
Because most people choose to install whole house fans in the spring and summer, doing so in the fall and winter is much easier. You don’t need to compete with others for a contractor's time, you can get faster appointments, and you may even receive off-season discounts on installation.

Furthermore, because you’re choosing a whole house fan in the off-season, there will be more options available and you won’t have to settle for one of the few available fans. Plus, if you want to install your whole house fan yourself, you’ll be able to do so in much more comfortable weather.

If you’re looking to install a whole house fan this fall, you can’t go wrong with Whole House Fan’s quality products. Browse our products to find the perfect fan for you and your home this autumn!