10 Spring 2022 Home Maintenance Projects

Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning out the inside of your house. Making sure your house is in good shape for summer and the coming year is a great way to identify and stop any maintenance problems from popping up in the future. Below, we will discuss 10 home maintenance projects you can work on in the spring to keep your house in good working condition.

  1. Check window insulation.
    Check the insulation around your windows and make sure the caulk is in good condition. If the caulk is in bad shape, you could experience air and water leakage, which will become very obvious once the spring rains and warmer summer air hit. Consider caulking your windows or potentially replacing them if you noticed excess condensation over the winter.
  2. Clear your gutters and downspouts.
    Making sure your gutters and downspouts are clear before Spring rains come will help prevent your home from taking on water. Therefore, clear all gutters and downspouts. If your downspouts are clogged, try shooting water from a hose down them to clear out any debris. Also, make sure that they are fixed properly to your home.
  3. Inspect and clean up your roof.
    Once your roof is visible again in the spring, inspect it for any cracked or broken shingles or any debris built up. Take the necessary steps to clear off any debris and replace any cracked or broken shingles.
  4. Check your attic.
    Look for any signs of pests in your attic. Also, take some time to search your attic for any mold. If you do find mold, that probably means your attic isn’t properly ventilated, and the problem will only get worse when the heat from summer hits. It’s a sign your home could benefit from an attic fan.
  5. Check your basement.
    If your basement is damp or wet that means it isn’t properly ventilated. A good way to fix this problem is by using a dehumidifier. Look at the base of your concrete walls for any cracks or places water can seep through.
  6. Prep your outdoor furniture.
    Wash off your outdoor furniture to remove any dust or insects. Check your metal furniture for eroded paint and rust. Using spray enamel can protect your furniture from future damage.
  7. Rake your lawn and clean your deck/patio.
    Once the snow melts from your lawn, you may be surprised to find leaves and other debris. Make sure to rake your lawn so that it stays healthy. Also, clean your deck or patio with a broom or a rinse with the hose.
  8. Maintain lawn equipment.
    To prepare for the summer when your lawn starts growing in again. Check and clean your lawn equipment and make sure they are in good working condition.
  9. Prep your air conditioner.
    Cleaning your AC and replacing the filter is a good way to ensure that it is in good working condition. If you are still unsure if it is in good condition, you can hire a professional to fully maintain it for the summer.
  10. Get your whole house fan ready.
    Warmer air on the horizon means that you’ll be using your whole house fan soon if you haven’t been using it in the winter months. If your whole house fan is winterized, remove any covers or insulation you used for the winter. Consider cleaning the fan blades as dust may have built upon them. Also, before you use it, make sure your attic vents are open and so are your windows.