10 Ways To Cool Your Garage

Most everyone finds utility in their garage. It may be used for storage, vehicles, or a workstation. That said, garages can get pretty toasty during the hot summer months. Keeping that garage cool is almost a necessity, especially if it is used as a workstation. Here are ten different ways to cool your garage during those long warm months:

  1. Garage exhaust fan. Exhaust fans for the garage are incredible tools that can be used to remove hot and steamy air from the garage. This will create a fresh and clean air environment for your garage.
  2. Mini AC unit.  Whether you buy one that can sit on the ground or you install one up in the ceiling, they are both great options. The more expensive option between the two will do a better job at cooling your garage.
  3. Garage door insulation. Insulating your garage door does not only help to keep your garage cool during the warm months, but also to keep it warm during the cool months. It serves a dual purpose.
  4. Ceiling fan. Whether it’s an actual ceiling fan or a fan that is placed on the ground, it can help. This will help push out some of warm air you may not want in your garage, especially if you use your garage as a workstation or man cave.
  5. Window AC unit. Unfortunately, you cannot consider a window AC unit if you do not have any windows in your garage. But, if you do have windows, then this is a very valid option to consider. This will keep the area nice and cool when you need it most.
  6. Dehumidifiers. Humidity can make you feel warmer, and much more uncomfortable. Taking the time to buy a dehumidifier and putting it in your garage will help cool it down, if you live in a humid area. If you live in a dry, desert location then this unfortunately won’t work as well.
  7. Declutter. Decluttering the garage can have a beneficial effect on how hot it is in that area.. The more clutter that is in your garage will make it that much hotter.
  8. Keep hot cars out. Driving around or having your car outside in the summer will make the vehicle warm, or even hot. Putting that inside your garage will act as a heater, and it will heat the garage rather quickly. Keep it outside until it cools down.
  9. Close the garage. Closing the garage door will help keep the majority of the heat out, even if your garage door is not insulated. It’s just like shutting the windows or doors in your house when it is hot outside. Don’t let the cool air out, and hot air in.
  10. Attic fan. You can always invest in an attic fan. It can be used for the whole house and not just the garage.

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