15 Eco-Friendly Ways to Cool Your House this Summer

With summer heat here, you’re probably thinking of getting some relief. There are many ways to cool your home other than using an air conditioner. Air conditioners are energy-intensive, making them the least eco-friendly and wallet-friendly ways to cool your home. Below, we will outline 15 eco-friendly ways to cool your home this summer.

  1. Native vines - Planting native vines on the south side of your home will keep direct sunlight from being absorbed in your home. The south side receives the most sunlight so the vines will flourish and your house will stay cool.
  2. Plants inside the home - Having plants in your home is a great way to decorate your house and add some color. Vertical gardens, living walls, and potted plants reduce the air temperature in your house through transpiration while also improving the air quality.
  3. Compost - Composting the garden in the Spring and Autumn adds moisture to the soil. Keeping your garden (especially around your house) packed with moisture will help keep your home cool in the heat.
  4. External blinds - External blinds aren’t just for show. Many homes have them or they can be easily installed. They prevent sunlight from getting through your windows to keep your house cooler.
  5. Roof vents - Attics often contribute to the excessive heat of a home if they are not properly ventilated. Heat rises and gets trapped in the attic, by adding roof vents you allow that trapped air to naturally flow out of the house.
  6. Fans - Use your ceiling fan and turn it counter clock-wise to better circulate the air in the room. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, an oscillating fan will also work. You can also use window fans to cycle fresh air into your home and hot air out. However, if it’s hotter outside, then keep the window fan off.
  7. Whole house fan - Whole house fans are an effective, eco-friendly method to cool your home. They pull fresh air into the home and push the trapped, hot, polluted indoor air out. Utility companies in certain states give out rebates to incentivize whole house fans instead of AC units.
  8. Humidify - This may be a counterintuitive option because hot humidity is much more uncomfortable than dry heat. However, using a cool humidifier or cold water diffuser can improve the temperature in your home with cool moisture rather than hot, sticky moisture.
  9. Essential oils - While you’re humidifying your home, try adding a little bit of eucalyptus and/or peppermint essential oils to your cold water diffuser or humidifier. Not only will your home smell great, but they open your pores and make you feel cooler.
  10. Solar screens - They keep the sunlight, and therefore the heat out. They can easily be installed to any window or glass door.
  11. Shut your blinds - Shut your shades, blinds, and curtains on hot sunny days to keep the sun out.
  12. Cook outside - If you have a grill or other outdoor cooking appliance, consider cooking outside during those hot days. Using the stove or oven creates heat inside the home.
  13. Turn off appliances - On that note, if you have any major appliances on, turn them off. This includes kitchen appliances like your oven, dryer, and washing machine.
  14. Turn off the lights - Along with appliances, lights also generate heat. Keep all of your lights turned off, or just the ones you’re using.
  15. White roofing - Painting your roof white is a fantastic way to keep your home cool during the summer. White paint reflects heat away from your home, keeping it cool.

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