20 Ways to Make Your Home Feel and Look Like Spring

Spring is here! After a long cold winter, it is time to bring a little spring into you home. These are 20 ways you can make your home feel and look like spring.

  1. Decorate with fresh flowers. Not only do they bring little pops of color into every room of your home. They smell delicious too.
  2. Clean with lemon scented cleaners. There’s just something about the smell of lemons that is warm and sunny, like spring.
  3. Switch to lighter fabrics. This holds true for throw pillows and bedding alike. These lighter fabrics seem to signify spring to all.
  4. Use a whole house fan. Opening the windows on the lower floor of your home then drawing fresh, clean spring air in, while pushing stale winter out with a whole house fan is the perfect cure for your winter blues.
  5. Change your curtains. Look for curtains that allow light in as the days get longer.
  6. Engage in some heavy duty spring cleaning. This is the most effective way to clear out the last cobwebs of winter. Literally.
  7. Put away the winter essentials. It’s one thing to leave a few throws or sweaters around; but get rid of the heavy blankets and parkas.
  8. Switch your bathroom linens. Go for lighter brighter, spring colors instead of darker winter colors.
  9. Bring in a little festive greenery. Not only can this make your home smell fresh and clean, it also livens up your entire home.
  10. Add a spring wreath to your front door. It’s not just the inside of your home that needs a little spring love. Make your front door bright and cheery too.
  11. Add a few mirrors to your living spaces. Not only will they help to reflect the light and brightness of spring, they also spread cheer to the darker corners of your rooms making them look much larger and more inviting.
  12. Reduce clutter. This helps to make visual space feel even bigger and can reinvigorate rooms that have felt more like caves all winter long.
  13. Open your curtains. It is great to change to lighter draperies and window treatments for spring. It’s even better to open them up and let the light shine fully in.
  14. Rearrange your living room. Moving things around can help you clean out in the dark spaces behind your furniture and give your entire room a fresh new look for spring.
  15. Use natural fragrances throughout your home. Skip the heavily chemical-laden scented candles and air fresheners. Use fresh flowers, plants, greenery, and essential oils to fragrance your home instead.
  16. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls. For the sake of keeping your home fresh and clean smelling this spring, use low or no VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and consider using your whole house fan while painting to avoid any possible off-gassing or paint fumes.
  17. Organize your closets. Nothing says spring like the shift from winter wear to chic spring fashions. Make sure your closet is springtime ready.
  18. Consider giving dark drab furniture a fresh spring makeover with lighter, brighter colors instead.
  19. Swap out your lampshades. It’s amazing what something as simple as changing a lampshade can do for the brightness of your room.
  20. Light up your outdoor living spaces too. More and more people are transforming their back decks into gathering places. Make yours fit for day or night with fun, festive lights.

It doesn’t take huge steps to transform your home for spring. These are great ways to do just that.