4 Benefits of Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are an incredibly efficient method of cooling homes. They work by drawing air in through open windows throughout the home and exhausting the air through the attic and roof of the home.

They are, unfortunately, underutilized in today’s home. Below are five benefits whole house fans offer to help you understand why it’s beneficial to have a whole house fan in your home.

1) Save Money

According to Energy.gov, heating and cooling expenses account for nearly 56 percent of energy consumption in U.S. homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to shave a few points off that percentage?
The savings don’t stop with utility bills though. Some cities and utility companies offers whole house fans rebates and/or discounts to people who purchase them.

In mild climates, like California, you’ll discover that you don’t need to run your air conditioner as much — if at all — which further reduces your utility expenses. A recent House Logic article reveals claims by Sacramento Municipal Utility District that whole house fans use only about one-tenth of the energy that air conditioners consume and pay for themselves quickly as a result.

2) Extends the Life of Your HVAC System

Whole house fans reduce the need to run your air conditioning system a good percentage of the time. In many households across the country, this eliminates the need to run air conditioners for several hours of each day, if at all.

They reduces the wear and tear on air conditioning units that occurs from nearly constant operation several months of the year. The result is lower maintenance costs and a longer lasting HVAC system.

3) Reduces Excess Moisture

Too much moisture inside the home is never a good thing. It can lead to mold, mildew, bacteria, insect infestations, and more. No one wants to have water gathering in attics or other hidden corners of the home.

Water enters the home in many forms. Steamy hot showers feel great at the time, but they leave moisture accumulating long after the shower ends. Cooking and humidity also add their own share of moisture into the mix.

The Home Ventilation Institute suggests that good ventilation in the home can eliminate many of the structural problems that occur in homes today as the result of too much moisture.

4) Extends the Life of Your Roof

Anyone who has replaced a roof understands just how valuable it is to extend the life of your roof whenever possible. Replacing a roof is costly! Because whole house fans vent through the roof, they remove excess heat that’s often trapped in the attic. This heat, actually causes damage to your roof shingles causing the need for more frequent replacement.
Now is the perfect time to learn more about how your home can benefit from a whole house fan. Call us today at 1.888.229.5757 or contact us through our convenient online form to find out more so you can decide for yourself if this is the right choice for your home.