4 Garage Improvements to Implement This Spring

Your garage is often a messy and neglected space, right? By incorporating some handy projects and a little bit of organization this Spring, you can modernize your garage and get more use out of it. Whether you have to unclutter a corner of your garage, save on energy cost, or eliminate toxic fumes from your home that your garage often presents, following the tips below can help.

  1. Garage Lighting

By removing regular bulbs and replacing them with fluorescent fixtures, you can light your garage up more efficiently. The lighting in your garage can be positioned so they mount over existing ceiling boxes. Remember that when it’s cold, not all fluorescent lighting will work, therefore, it’s important that you figure out your garage’s lowest temperature when choosing which fluorescent fixtures to use.

Solar Garage Sensor Security Flood Lights. Solar security lights are quickly starting to become a reliable alternative to standard, battery-powered or electrical security flood lights. They do come with a battery, but during the daylight, the solar panel charges it up and stores the electricity so you can use the lights at night.

The battery to your solar garage sensor lights should last you around a couple years before you have to replace them. However, with new product development, the charging capacity of the batteries are now increasing providing you with around 10 hours of light instead of the 4 hours maximum you used to get several years ago.

Upgrading from Fluorescent Lights to LED. Standard bulbs only have around 1,000 hours of life. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) have around 10,000. However, by upgrading to LED, you can get around 25,000 hours of life. This makes them the perfect choice for outdoor bulb replacements that are hard to reach since having to change them regularly can be a giant pain. They also save money in the long run in reduced energy.

  1. Add Ventilation through a Garage Exhaust Fan

Attached garages can pollute your air from garden chemicals, unhealthy car odor, paint solvents and deadly carbon monoxide. Just by driving your car into the garage and closing the garage door behind you, you can expel residual nasty pollutants and exhaust fumes into your home.

Ventilation is an important part of keeping your garage fumes out of your home. By installing a garage exhaust fan, you not only improve the air quality, but while you are running the fan, the pollutants are sent outdoors instead of in your home.

  1. Put up Shelving (wire or wooden)

It can be well worth spending a weekend installing shelving into your garage since it can provide you with extra storage space. Pre-packaged shelves work great if you aren’t that handy or would rather not use the bigger tools. To properly align your shelves, you will first have to take appropriate measurements. After that you will drill the anchors and screws in and set your shelves up. It’s a very simple project.

  1. Install Garage Cabinets

For more storage space, you should consider installing garage cabinets which you can use to securely store your tools, auto supplies, chemicals or other materials. This is another fairly easy project that you can do by yourself to create some extra space in your garage. Not to mention, garage cabinets add a little ‘welcoming look’ to your garage.

If one of your garage improvements this Spring involves adding a garage exhaust fan, be sure to check out the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 garage exhaust fan. And if you have any questions about it or other house ventilation or cooling needs, give us a call at 1.888.229.5757.