4 Reasons to Keep Your Attic Cool in the Summer

Keeping your home cool during the hottest days of the summer is a priority for many families. What you may not know, though, is that it is equally important to keep your attic cool in the summer – for more reasons than you may realize. These are just a few important reasons to make an effort to keep your attic cool all summer long.

  1. Keep Your Home Cooler
    The sun does a number on your shingles in the summer. They become very hot as the sun’s radiant heat burns down on them throughout the day. This fierce hot energy transforms your attic into an oven. Just like turning on the oven in your kitchen radiates warmth throughout your home, so does the oven that your attic becomes. This causes the entire house to feel even hotter.
  1. Extend the Life of Your Roof
    Your roof is consistently battling heat on two fronts. One from the sun and the other from the hot air trapped below. It can become a destructive cycle of heat, moisture, mold, and more. The cycle that requires you to replace your roof long before you should need to take this step. By installing adequate attic ventilation along with using an attic fan, like the QuietCool AFG-ES 1500 Attic Fan, to circulate cooler air throughout the attic, you can extend the life of your roof even beyond expectations.
  1. Lower Cooling Costs
    By drawing out the hot air from your attic, you eliminate the trickle-down effect that often raises the temperature inside your home. This means you rely on running costly air conditioners a little less and can reduce the number of times your air conditioner kicks on throughout the day. Over the course of one summer, that can save a great deal of money on your cooling bills.
  1. Reduce Air Conditioner Burden
    Air conditioners that have to work overtime throughout the summer will wear out more frequently than those that are able to be used judiciously. Using an attic fan to move hot air out of the attic and keep things cooler inside your home reduces this burden and helps you to extend the life of your air conditioner. This saves you even more money.

One thing is certain, keeping your attic cooler can save you a great deal of money in roof replacement, air conditioner repairs, and cooling bills throughout the summer. Attic fans are a cost-effective method to keep your attic cooler even when the summer temps are soaring.