5 Benefits of Garage Exhaust Fans

Attached garages pose many benefits to families today. They are incredibly convenient for homeowners. But, did you know that attached garages can also have a significantly negative impact on the air quality inside your home?

There are many chemicals and gases stored and used inside garages that can easily creep into your home without proper ventilation inside your garage – not to mention carbon monoxide from automobile exhaust. Consider these benefits below for installing a garage exhaust fan, like the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 DLX, and you should see for yourself why your garage needs one.

1) Cools Hot Garages

The sun can heat up garages fast during the heat of the day, particularly in areas that get a lot of sunshine or have very hot weather, like California, Arizona, Florida and other areas of the South and Southwest. Even areas in the midwest and northeast have their share of hot, muggy days, which translates to a hot garage in many cases.

Keep your garage a more comfortable temperature whether you’re storing your vehicles, your equipment, or you’re using that space as a hobby area or workspace for your family.

A more stable and constant temperature in your garage is better for all involved. Don’t forget, the heat from an overheated attached garage has a tendency to find its way into your home.

2) Improves Ventilation

Everyone wants to breathe easier no matter what the thermometer says. Overheated garages or garages with paint and chemical fumes trapped inside make it difficult to breathe and can have dire consequences on your respiratory system – especially among people who suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

Even if you do have an effective seal between your garage and living area, every time the door opens between the two, toxic air from your garage makes its way into the interior rooms of your home.

3) Reduces Air Conditioning Costs

Not only do most garages trap heat during the daytime naturally, but many garages gain even more heat from the equipment that operates within them and cars generating heat from the daily commute.

Garage exhaust fans draw cooler air from the outside into the garage and expel the warmer, poorer quality air from within the garage.

4) Removes Condensation

Another common problem in garages is moisture. It lingers and eventually becomes mildew and mold, which do enough destruction to the structure and contents of your garage in their own rights.

However, the problem is often exacerbated by airborne spores you and your family track into your home from the garage. Exhaust fans pull the moisture out of your garage so that mold and mildew never have an opportunity to become a problem for your home or your garage.

5) Protects Garage Contents

People store a wide range of items in garages. Whether you are storing your Christmas decorations, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, hobby supplies, tools, or equipment, you want to protect the investments you’ve made in these items.

The contents of your garage, whatever they may be, are vulnerable to the whims of the weather in your garage, but a simple garage exhaust fan can help them avoid warping or spoiling in the heat, rusting from moisture, and facing many other potential perils along the way.

With reasons like these to install a garage exhaust fan in your garage, the bigger question is what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to begin enjoying the benefits of garage exhaust fans in your attached garage.

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