5 Cool Benefits of Attic Fans

Attic fans are an energy saver and money saver for homeowners today. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the benefits of this particular feature and either fail to install attic fans or install them and forget about them. Attic fans offer many benefits, including the five listed below. But, these benefits only apply if you actually use the attic fans you install.

1) Extends the Life of Your Roof

Roofs are expensive to replace. According to Angies list, for a standard 2200-to-2600 square foot, a professionals will charge $2,000 to $8,500. Compare that to the cost of an attic fan of roughly $349.

Installing and using an attic fan to remove the heat from your attic during the heat of summer days, can extend the life of your roof by as much as four to five years. The upfront costs, according toAmerica Now News, of installing attic fans are a fraction compared to the long-term savings they deliver by preserving the shingles on your home more frequently.

2) Cuts Cooling Costs Throughout the Summer

This is especially the case in homes where attic fans are installed and used in place of air conditioning for part of the summer. You can further your energy savings by choosing a solar powered attic fan – provided your roof is situated in a manner that allows adequate sun exposure to the solar panel throughout the day. By eliminating the workload of air conditioning units to cool the home, the attic fans also serve to extend the life of your air conditioners too – for even more savings when it comes to cooling your home.

3) Provides Moisture Control for Attic Spaces

Moisture control is a big problem in homes today. The construction of modern homes is often airtight giving heat and moisture nowhere to go. Attic fans vent the hot, humid, moist air that would otherwise be trapped in your attic to the outside of your home.

4) Delivers Tax Credits to Homeowners

Some state and local governments offer tax incentives for residents who choose to install whole house fans, attic fans, and/or garage exhaust fans in their homes. The belief is that homeowners are making an investment in the long-term structural integrity of their homes, lowering energy costs, and extending the lives of their roofs when installing these fans – especially those who install solar-powered attic fans. Some utility companies also offer whole house fans rebates.

5) Prevents Ice Damming

In areas where winter hits hardest, ice damming is a destructive force on many homes. The warm area inside attics heats the roof, melting the snow which then refreezes is hardened ice forming ice dams under the heaves. This allows water to find its way beneath the shingles and into the attic and eventually ceilings of your home. Attic fans prevent this from happening by cooling down the temperature inside the attic to more closely match the temperatures outside your home.

With benefits like these to consider, isn’t now is a great time to add the value of an attic fan to your home?

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