5 Qualities of a Good Roofing Contractor

Finding a great roofing contractor isn’t always an easy thing to do. So many things can go wrong, leading to even bigger problems in the future. This makes getting it right extremely important. Whether you’re looking for professional installation of an attic fan or a complete new roof, these are the qualities you should seek in your roofing contractor.

1) Licenses and Permits
These are among the most important qualities a roofing contractor can have. In some states the work isn’t considered valid for inspection unless it was conducted by a contractor with the proper licenses and the proper permits are obtained before beginning the work. Even if licensing for contractors isn’t required in your state, it is a good idea since most licensing agencies provide some degree of vetting before offering licenses to contractors.

2) Insurance
Roofers need insurance to guarantee the quality of their work and to cover accidents and injuries that occur to their employees and subcontractors on the job. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the hook for any costs related to personal injury of employees and left holding the bag for damage inexperienced roofers do to your home.

3) Reputation and References
Roofers that have been in the business for any length of time should have a nice long line of glowing references from former customers to offer. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and call them. Ask any questions you have from the quality of the attic fan installation to the politeness of the employees as they worked on your home. This is your home you’re inviting them to work on. Make sure you’re willing to have them in your home before you hire them.

4) Training and Skills
Perhaps one of the most important qualities to expect from a roofing contractor is the quality of training and education. Contractors who invest in their businesses by educating themselves and getting adequate training on the latest roofing technologies and how these new changes impact homeowners, are contractors that are wise to bring into your home.

5) Work with Contracts
You want to work with contractors who are willing to put their offers in writing by having a contract. You may have to go back and forth a few times to get the contract both sides are happy with, but having a contract protects people on both sides of the issue should issues arise during the course of the roofing work.

These qualities might not seem all that important at first glance, but they can save you a world of hassles, headaches, and quite a few dollars in the long term.