5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Garage Exhaust Fan

Garage exhaust fans are highly useful tools for making your garage a safer, more pleasant place to play and work. If you’re like most families, you tackle plenty of projects in your garage in all seasons. You know that fumes get trapped in your garage, moisture gets trapped in there, and it can be uncomfortably warm during the dog days of summer. But, before you install a garage exhaust fan, it’s a good idea to consider these five things.

  1. Are You Attempting to Combat Fumes or Moisture?
    These are big deals in today’s garages and both fumes and moisture can become dangerous to have in your garage. Fumes are often the result of off-gassing from things stored in your garage and moisture is a common side effect when there is no flow of air through the garage space. The right types of garage exhaust fans can help reduce both of these problems.
  1. Is Your Garage Attached to Your Home?
    If your garage attaches directly to your home, it is even more important to consider a garage exhaust fan. Not only will it help to prevent volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air from entering into your home, but it will also help to regulate the temperature in your garage so that there isn’t as much temperature displacement when you move from one area to the next.
  1. How Much Time Do You/Your Family Spend in the Garage?
    The more time you spend working or playing in your garage, the more important it becomes to keep the area clean and comfortable and the air as clear as possible. Garage exhaust fans do help to clear the air in your garage of fine particulates and harmful ingredients you don’t want to breathe in yourself and you certainly don’t want your loved ones breathing in.
  1. What are Your Options for Garage Fans?
    For the most part, people choose from freestanding or shutter fans for garages. Freestanding fans blow air out of the garage when in use while shutter fans can be used continuously, if you wish, to ventilate your garage.
  1. How Do You Wish to Operate Your Fan?
    Modern technology makes it possible to set your fans to operate in a variety of manners, including continuous operation, running on a timer, operating on a thermostat, turning on and off according to humidity levels in your garage, or operating via motion detection when there are people present in the garage.

Garage exhaust fans can fill a variety of purposes for making your home safer and clearing the air inside your garage. Take a look at the QuietCool GA ES-1500 garage exhaust fan today.