5 Tips to Cool Down a Hot Garage

Your garage can get more than 20 degrees or higher in heat than the outside temperature during the summer. Then you add on the heat your car brings in from being in the hot sun all day and it can turn your garage into an oven.

You may not realize that this poses a risk. Fire risks are higher with hot garages. In fact, between 2009 through 2011, approximately 6,600 fires were related to a garage causing around 30 deaths and property damage of over $450 million, according to National Fire Protection Association statistics.

Below are 5 tips to cool your hot garage down.

  1. Strategically Place Awnings and Trees
    The sun beats down on your garage all day long making it hot. You can plant trees strategically around your yard to shade your garage. Another way in reducing your garage’s heat absorption is by installing a retractable awning.
  1. Add Insulation in Garage Walls
    Any area in your home can stay cool with insulation. This includes your garage. When your home is under-insulated, it can heat up your home and garage and increase your energy bill. It’s simple to insulate your garage walls yourself if you don’t have them covered in drywall. You can also hire a reputable professional to come in and do the job as well since it could involve electrical work.
  1. Paint and Caulk Garage Door
    You can paint your garage door with a white, off-white, cream or beige color which can repel the rays of the sun and direct heat away from your garage. Any gaps between your garage door and garage frame should be caulked.
  1. Dehumidifiers
    If you are living in a place that is typically humid, it can make your garage feel hotter. You could invest in a dehumidifier which can remove much of the humidity and moisture in your garage making it around 10 degrees cooler. Combine dehumidifiers with ceiling fans and cool off your garage significantly.
  1. Install a Garage Exhaust Fan
    Effectively rid your garage of heat build-up by installing a garage exhaust fan. These types of fans help to lower your garage temperature and refresh the air inside it by drawing in fresh outdoor air through intake vents which you would normally install on the door of your garage. The exhaust fans are typically mounted on your ceiling.

Garage exhaust fans use low power and are fairly energy efficient. They help balance outdoor and indoor temperatures as well as remove condensation from your garage which protects your garage contents. Installing a garage exhaust fan is simple and quick.

These tips will hopefully help you cool your hot garage down to a comfortable temperature which will protect your belongings, reduce your fire risk and allow you to work on projects more comfortably.