6 Items You Should Never Store in a Garage

The garage is a great place for extra storage. Tools, supplies, equipment, and more are commonly stored in the garage, and when you don’t know where to put something, chances are you keep it in the garage.

But did you know some things shouldn’t be stored in the garage? Because your garage is subject to great changes in temperature and humidity, doing so could cause problems. Below, we’ll go over 6 things you should never store in your garage.

1) Paint
Your garage is subject to high temperatures during hot summers and low temperatures during the cold winter, making it a poor place to store any items that can spoil due to changing temperatures, like paint.

Furthermore, the cement floor of your garage is an even worse place to store your paint. Not only will it be subject to these temperature changes, but the moisture and condensation from the floor will quickly rust the paint cans.

Paint should be stored in a cool, dry place.

2) Electronics
Storing electronics in your garage is a recipe for disaster. Garages are notorious for moisture and condensation, so storing your electronics in there will likely expose them to moisture which can ruin them and put you at risk of electrocution.

3) Fridges
Keeping a second fridge or freezer in the garage is pretty common. It’s great for keeping beverages or frozen foods you don’t use every day. However, if you keep your fridge or freezer in your garage that doesn’t have a regulated temperature, your fridge will end up using much more electricity than the fridge in your kitchen. This is because it will have to expend more energy in order to combat the high temperatures during the summer.

4) Wooden furniture
If you keep any wooden furniture in your garage, you may want to think twice. Doing so exposes it to moisture in the air that will cause it to swell and crack over time. If you must store it in your garage, try covering it up to protect it from the elements.

5)  Propane tanks
Propane tanks should never be kept in an enclosed space, including your garage. If there’s a leak that’s near a furnace, car, or an electric panel, the result could be disastrous. Furthermore, if there’s a fire that reaches your garage with a leaky propane tank, it could lead to an explosion.

6) Documents and photos
Important papers, documents, and photos should all be kept out of the garage. Keep them in a more secure location where they have the smallest chance of being destroyed due to water damage.

Improving Garage Air Quality with a Garage Exhaust Fan
Installing a garage exhaust fan is the easiest and most effective way of reducing indoor air pollution and humidity in your garage. Plus, a good way to reduce the temperature inside your garage is to run your garage exhaust fan on a cool night or early morning.