7 Specific Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value with Green Technology

Green technology is increasingly popular among home buyers today. In fact, adopting certain green technologies in your home not only makes your home more comfortable for you, but also increases the value of your home when you decide to sell. These seven specific green technologies can add value and comfort to your home.

1—Install Solar Tubes
These solar tube “lights” allow you to light up dark areas of your home without flipping a switch. They provide abundant, and surprisingly powerful daytime lighting for often underlit areas in your home, such as:

Utility/Laundry rooms
Walk-in closets

Essentially any area in your home where you would otherwise need additional lighting to use effectively during the daytime can benefit from the installation of solar tube lighting. More importantly, it costs considerably less than traditional skylights for the home and provides a more powerful light source. This helps you save big money on utility bills and can be a massive selling point with prospective buyers.

2—Install a Whole House Fan
Another massively cost-effective green upgrade you can make is to install a whole house fan. This fan allows you to not only cool your home more efficiently and inexpensively. It also helps you to improve the air quality inside your home. Other benefits of whole house fans include the following:

Draw pollutants out of your home.
Help remove moisture from your home.
Filter pollen and dust from the air.
Reduce cooling costs.
Improve the life span of air conditioning units.
Lower reliance on other energy resources.

Big benefits to consider for the relatively inexpensive costs of adding a whole house fan to your home.

3—Switch to Programmable Thermostats
This alone can help you shave huge costs from your monthly utility bills. GreenHome.com suggests that it can help you cut your heating and cooling costs by up to $150 per year, paying for itself within the first year. You get added points if you install app-controlled thermostats new buyers can control with their phones.

4—Go Tankless for Water Heating
Tankless water heaters are a bit of an investment that can pay off big with energy savings. Because you’re not heating a large tank full of water the water heats up faster and costs less to heat. It also helps to reduce water waste making it an even greener consideration.

5—Landscape With Water-Efficient Plants
Landscaping is ideal for added curb appeal. Unfortunately, perfectly green lawns and gardens are water hogs. Choose native plants that require little additional watering to maintain their color, add rain barrels to collect water, and use smart irrigation systems to detect leaks and conserve water.

6—Add Energy Efficient Windows
According to Energy Star, replacing old windows with new windows that are Energy Star certified can help reduce energy costs by 12 percent. More importantly, the reduced consumption of energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating cleaner air for all.

7—Install Low-Flow Toilets and Showerheads
Water waste is a growing concern worldwide. This is especially the case in many states facing severe water shortages and extended drought conditions. Installing low-flow toilets and shower heads uses as little as half the water of traditional equipment. Modern options are far superior to earlier incarnations providing a similar experience to standard showerheads and toilets.

Seven fixes you can make to your home that will add value and make your home a far friendly place for Mother Earth.

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