7 Ventilation Options for Your Home

Ventilation is important in today’s airtight homes. Perhaps more important than ever as we’re learning more and more about how various things affect indoor air quality. With nowhere to escape, things like toxic chemicals, allergens, mold, and mildew have nowhere to escape and become entrenched in the air you breathe. These are seven options you have to improve the air quality inside your home through proper ventilation.

1) Natural Ventilation
Something as simple as opening the windows and allowing fresh air to flow into your home for several hours each day can greatly improve the air quality inside your home.

2) Whole House Fans
Whole house fans work in conjunction with open windows by drawing fresh air in through the windows and expelling hot, contaminated air out through attic vents. These fans help create a flow of air inside your home and can greatly reduce your reliance on air conditioning during summer months – reducing your cooling costs.

3) Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans help to create a draft and circulate air throughout various rooms in your home. Additionally, they can be used to force cooler air lower to the floor during the summer months and reversed to push warmer air down during the winter.

4) Bathroom Exhaust Fans
These fans not only aid with ventilation, but also with moisture control in the bathroom. Drawing out moisture after steamy showers help to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your bathrooms.

5) Exhaust Fans Over Stoves
The same concept holds true with exhaust fans over the stove. It’s not all about drawing out smoke and the smells of cooking food. It also serves to draw out moisture that is created when foods simmer on the stove for long periods of time. This reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew becoming problems in your kitchen.

6) Attic Vents with Attic Fans
Attics contain a great deal of hot, stale air. During the summer months temperatures in the attic can reach boiling points quickly literally cooking your roof from the inside and the outside. Attic fans help to relieve some of the heat in the attic, when used with adequate attic vents to release the blistering hot air inside. They can also be used to help cool the home.

7) Garage Exhaust Fans
Your garage contains a great deal of chemicals that can be caustic on the best days and disorienting, if not dangerous on the worst. Being trapped in a hot, unventilated garage can exacerbate the problem. Garage exhaust fans helps to improve the air quality and temperature inside the garage.

These seven ventilation options all work well, individually, to accomplish specific ventilation goals. When you use them collectively, they can help you improve air quality and comfort inside your home.

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