7 Ways to Cool a Room Facing the Sun

The best way to cool a room that’s facing the sun is by keeping the heat out of it. An air conditioner will definitely cool down a room, but it’s not environmentally friendly and it can be costly. While a room facing the sun can be a good thing for most of the year, and lower your heating costs, it can be unbearable in the summer.

Keeping a room cool with a lot of natural sunlight can require a combination of functional and design elements. Here are 7 ways to cool that room that faces the sun:

  1. Windows
    A double-pane, standard window will let in almost three-quarters of the heat from the sun. Double-pane windows are energy efficient and will reduce the amount of heat without reducing the visible sunlight. When you don’t have as much heat coming through your windows by the sun, you won’t have to run your air conditioner as long to keep the temperature under control.
  1. Awnings
    Adjustable or fixed awnings can block direct sunlight but still allow you full use of the window. They can also allow you to keep the window open for ventilation when it’s hot outdoors which will help keep the room cool.
  1. Outdoor Plants
    Positioning plants and trees around your windows can provide shade, reducing the sun’s direct heat. Thick or large-leafed plants work the best in blocking the sun while promoting good circulation through good air flow.
  1. Ceiling and Portable Fans
    Install ceiling fans throughout your home to encourage ventilation and air flow. Use portable fans to keep the air moving.
  1. Whole House Fan
    A whole house fan is an inexpensive simple way to cool your home. You install it in the ceiling of your home and it moves air into your attic from the living space. It forces your attic’s hot air out and draws in the outside’s cooler air into your living space. This is great for individuals who often come home to a hot house when the outdoors is cooler. Installing a whole house fan is much less than installing a central air conditioner and it already uses cool air. A whole house fan can do more than just cool one room facing the sun — it can cool your entire house.
  1. Reduce Humidity
    Reduce your home’s overall humidity during the day. Try cooking, showering or using the dryer later on in the day to avoid humidity since it’s not as warm inside.
  1. Lighting
    With a lot of sunlight already brightening up your room, you might require heat-generating light bulbs. Turn the lights off to allow your AC system to cool your room more efficiently, which will offer some energy cost savings.