7 Ways to Detox Your Home

We watch what we put in our mouths carefully as well as our bodies. Many of us strive to ensure that everything we eat is organic. However, what about a healthy home?

Keeping your home healthy can be challenging. Although coming in contact with a toxin here and there in small amounts may not kill you, when you have a number of questionable toxins swirling around your home, you may wish to take certain measures to lower your exposure, including these:

Use Organic or Natural Cleaning Products
There are dangerous and unhealthy chemicals that are in many of our cleaning products today. You can replace ammonia, phthalates and sodium hydroxide with vinegar, baking soda and other safe ingredients. You can also find healthy, natural alternatives in your grocery store. Not to mention, a quick search on the Internet and you will be provided with a whole range of DIY recipes for household products.

Keep House Dust Low
Dust simply means more toxins in your home. You should dust and clean all your floors and surfaces once weekly. When you vacuum, use a HEPA filter which will help capture many different particles and eliminate allergens.

Get a Shower Filter
Your tap water has many contaminants in it that can become gases at room temperature. By installing a shower filter, you can eliminate these contaminants from becoming airborne.

Don’t Heat Plastic in Microwave
You should not heat up any types of containers that are made of plastic in your microwave oven since the heat increases the risk of leaching toxic ingredients into your food that you store in them.

Get Some Household Plants
Household plants are a natural air detoxifier and clean the air in your home. When you have products like those used for painting walls or installing carpets, these can release certain chemicals into your indoor air. Some great plants to get to naturally clean your indoor air include:

Gerbera Daisy
English Ivy
Chinese Evergreen
Weeping Fig
Peace Lily
Bamboo Plants
Spider Plants

Household plants make a great alternative to air purifiers.

Use a whole house fan to bring in fresh outdoor air from your open windows.

Maintain your Lawn
The inside of your home is not the only place you want to keep safe and healthy. You should also consider what outside your home is doing, especially your lawn. Caring for your lawn typically involves using pesticides and other chemicals that are toxic and are hazardous to us and animals. When maintaining your lawn, consider healthier choices and avoid synthetic fertilizers too.