A Comprehensive Guide to Installing an Insulated Whole House Fan

You are likely here because you have heard many good things about an insulated whole-house fan. It’s an effective way to cool your home, improve indoor air quality, and minimize your use of air-conditioning to save on energy costs. And because it is insulated, you can count on it to efficiently and quietly cool your space so you can sleep and relax without disruptions.

If you’re getting one, it’s important to know how to install it. You can go the DIY route or hire a professional, like a licensed electrician, handyman, or contractor. It depends on how confident you are with your installation skills. Proper installation is important to ensure the fan works efficiently. Plus, the manufacturer won’t be responsible for any faulty installation or any damage that may occur before you install their fan.

If you choose to install the insulated whole-house fan yourself, be sure to read these tips:

Prepare for the installation

You will need a drywall saw, power drill, Philips bit, a pencil, and a Phillips screwdriver. With your pencil, go to your attic and mark the place where you want to set up the fan. Make sure there is at least 30” of clearance. Make a cardboard cutout template of the fan to be sure. Then, from below that space, place and mark your cutout template on your ceiling while maintaining a minimum of two inches of clearance around. Using your drywall saw or any similar tool, cut the hole.

Installing the fan

Carefully unpack the insulated whole-house fan and bring the main assembly into the attic via the crawl hole. Position it near the cutout hole you made through the ceiling. Next, hang the motor head through the rafters and use wood screws to fasten a metal strapping to the rafters. Ensure the damper box is secured to the duct with three sharp black screws.

Check the installation

Peek through the hole to check for twists or kinks in the ducting, then pull the fan’s damper box through the hole. With the drywall screws, fasten the box to the joist in the attic and the drywall.

Install the grille

Position the grille over the fan’s damper box and set it in place with the screws. Go back to the attic and apply the nylon straps and wood screws to support the duct against the framing. This should stabilize the whole insulated whole-house fan assembly.

Get installation advice from the experts

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