About At-Home Air Quality Testing Kits

Problems with indoor air quality are something you should handle right away. Homeowners spend most of their time inside their home and if indoor pollution and harmful chemicals are inside, they are breathing them in continuously.

Many people don’t know there are serious problems hiding in the air they breathe. They just figure that if they vacuum often and they keep their dust to a minimum, their air is clean. However, the air quality in many homes today is poor. This is not necessarily due to dust, but rather to bacteria, mold, viruses, yeast, VOCs, and more that build up inside their tightly sealed homes. It’s important to get the air in your home tested.

According to the National Ag Safety Database (NASD), the pollution level in your home which is considered acceptable can vary based upon a number of factors such as:

Whether members of the family have chronic illnesses or not, particularly pollutant aggravated or respiratory illnesses.

If there are elderly family members or children present in the home who might be more sensitive to the effects of pollutants.

If there are materials or products in the home that can produce pollutants and how often family members use them.

How effective the home ventilation system is in the home and the distribution of air.

Many health issues can be caused by indoor pollution. Some of these problems include chemical sensitivities, respiratory illnesses, and allergies. A smart preventative measure you can take to determine and fix indoor pollution is getting your air tested.

At-Home Air Quality Test Kits
Professionals are more than eager to get inside your home to test it since they can charge anywhere from $500 and up for in-home air testing depending on which types of contaminants they will be testing for and how many.

Additionally, they love to up-sell you as well on things you might not even need such as post-testing ‘professional mitigation services’. Because of this, homeowners are deciding to cut out the middleman and purchase at-home air quality test kits to perform their own air quality testing. This lowers the cost a great deal.

A variety of the common indoor air threats can be tested with the do-it-yourself test kits. Just be sure you buy a test kit that is designed to test for all potential contaminant threats or a specific threat you are looking to test for.

These test kits can identify over hundreds of VOCs, growing mold, formaldehyde, and secondhand smoke that lurks in the air of your home. Often, in addition to your testing kit, you also get things such as affordable prices, professional-grade analysis, easy to understand answers to questions you have about getting healthier, cleaner air and a world-class laboratory.

Purchasing at-home air quality test kits provides you with the same advanced professional-grade quality, expert remedial recommendations and accurate results at a fraction of the cost of hiring professionals to come in and do it for you. In addition, be sure to improve your home’s ventilation with a whole house fan.