Air Quality Benefits of Whole House Fans

Along with saving money, there are numerous air quality benefits to your indoor comfort and health when you use a whole house fan. Your air quality is the most important benefit. Materials, modern buildings and chemicals create genuine health issues if you allow them to accumulate. An essential benefit of using whole house fans is indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement.

Some IAQ benefits include:

  1. Increased Ventilation

Ventilation raises how much outdoor air enters your indoor space. It gets rid of indoor air pollutants along with stale air indoors. Ventilation also limits indoor moisture build-up which could contribute to the growth of mold.

  1. Air Quality

Your home's air quality is much more polluted than the air outdoors. You don't see much of the pollution and even worse, you don't see much of the health effects either. Fortunately, a whole house fan exchanges your home's air in only a few minutes and cleans the bad air you've been breathing in.

  1. VOC Gases

Whole house fans are the perfect way of pushing VOC gases out. As the fan performs the air exchange every three minutes or so, it replaces the poor, polluted air with the outdoor clean air. The air exchange is important to your home's health as it doesn't let VOC gases linger but rather expels them from your lungs and home.

  1. Dust

Dust is a common problem in many houses. Small dirty particles rest on items that sit in the same place often. With a whole house fan, this issue is lessened since a lot of air rushes through your home.

  1. Airborne Pathogens

These get into homes often, particularly during winter. Since doors and windows are shut tight, illness can begin spreading and airborne pathogens can begin to infest your home. Just by opening up your windows, running your whole house fan and replacing the air in a few minutes, it helps expel these pathogens and saves you from becoming sick.

Increasing ventilation is an ideal way of enhancing your air's overall quality, regardless of whether you find pollutants in your home or not. If you don't have enough air entering your home, you could have a wide array of pollutants that begin accumulating, which creates a lot of health issues.

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