Are Whole House Fans Worth the Investment?

Whole house fans offer many benefits to homeowners. One of the biggest is the claim that they literally pay for themselves in the money they save. Are these claims more fact than fiction?

The Difference Between Attic Fans and Whole House Fans
The first important distinction to understand is that whole house fans are not the same thing as attic fans. Whole house fans have two primary roles. One is drawing fresh, clean, and cool air into the home. The second role is to expel warm air from the home through rooftop vents. You must have adequate ventilation for your whole house fan to operate effectively. Windows on the lowest level of the home must also be opened in order for whole house fans to properly draw air inside the home.

Attic fans circulate the air inside the home and are often be used in conjunction with air conditioners to work effectively. Attic fans, on the other hand, also serve another great purpose in that they are intended to cool hot attics by drawing in cooler outside air from attic vents. They are important for helping to keep your roof in great shape and for preventing things like ice dams.

In certain regions where there is high humidity, high heat, or other factors, an attic fan helps to circulate cooler air introduced into the home by the air conditioner, lightening the energy load air conditioners must use to keep things cool.

Each one presents its own strengths and weaknesses and you’ll have to decide which choice (or both) is the better one according to your location.

The Real ROI of Whole House Fans
For those of us who like crunching numbers: according to the Family Handyman, whole house fans use 90 percent less energy than air conditioners – making it much less expensive to cool your home throughout the summer.

Making the Planet the Big Winner
For people who want to do what’s right for the planet, but still desire to live lives that are comfortably cool in the summer months, using whole house fans for a large part of the day goes a long way toward reducing carbon footprints by reducing the amount of energy used to keep homes nice and cool. The more households that adopt this method of cooling their homes, the greater the impact, for the good, of the planet will be.

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