Attic Fans for Winter: Here’s Why You Need One?

Many people think of attic fans as summer things. But, they are extremely important for homes in winter. That doesn’t mean they don’t provide the important function of quickly removing hot air from the attic during the summer, which does help you cool your home more efficiently. However, they do so much more for your home and attic in the winter, including the following important tasks.

Reduce Moisture in Your Attic
Whether from condensation, temperature fluctuations, or some other cause, an attic fan can be instrumental in reducing the moisture in your attic during the winter months. We all know that moisture in the attic is a huge, and often destructive problem that causes mold, mildew, and rot.

This happens not only to the things stored in your attic spaces, but also to the structure of your home. Including the wooden support structures, roof deck, and more. These are not just cosmetic problems. They are problems that, if left unchecked, can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage and compromise the health of your family.

Reduce Risks of Ice Dams
Speaking of costly problems to repair, ice dams can be downright destructive to your home. They are caused when the temperature in your attic melts the ice on your roof during the day, allowing it to refreeze during the night, creating a buildup of ice in the eaves, overhangs, and other delicate areas along your roof. The result can be devastating water damage inside your home, leaks, and structural decay that are costly to repair.

Attic fans prevent this cycle and reduce the risks by reducing the air temperature inside your attic so that it is closer to the temperature on the outside of your home. This makes it less likely to trigger the melting and refreezing cycle that often leads to ice dams.

While attic fans can help you keep your home cooler in the summer months by cooling your attic, the whole house fan offers superior cooling during the dog days of summer, especially when combined with the benefits of attic fans. Homeowners who install whole house fans in their homes to keep their living spaces cooler enjoy additional benefits when they cool their attics, with attic fans, as well.

Get Your Attic Fan Today>Now is the perfect time for you to get your home ready for the long winter ahead by installing attic fans in your homes. And, you’ll get a head start on summer cooling with a whole house fan as well.

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