Attic Fans Types Explained

The benefits of having an attic fan are undeniable. They reduce moisture, rot, and mold in the attic. They also exhaust polluted air and help to ventilate the rest of the house while keeping temperatures down during hot summer days.

An attic fan is a must-have in any attic that needs extra ventilation. Poor ventilation in the attic always leads to serious and expensive problems down the road. Not to mention, high temperatures in your attic can make your air conditioning work harder and longer during the summer. Therefore, the decision to get an attic fan is usually an easy one. However, there are several types of attic fans so how do you know which one is right for you?

Types of Attic Fans
Roof mount attic fans - Roof mount attic fans, like the Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan AFR SMT ES-2.0, are installed directly on top of the roof above the attic. They’re made up of a plastic or metal dome, the fan itself, and the mounting, installed in one single unit. Roof-mounted attic fans are installed by cutting a hole in the roof and situating it between the rafters. Roof mount attic fans are often used when the attic does not have a gable and the only place where one can be installed is on the roof. They are also usually smaller-sized fans.

Gable mount attic fans - A gable mount attic fan, such as the Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan AFG SMT ES-3.0, is installed in the gable of the home. They are always parallel to the gable and mounted directly to the gable vents. Gable mount attic fans come in many different sizes, so you can usually pick one out that is the right size for your gable vent. Gable-mounted attic fans are usually easy to install yourself and are ideal for attics with large gable vents.

Electric attic fans - Electric attic fans run on electricity. There are two types of electric fans: solar fans and electric fans. Electric fans are more popular than solar ones because solar attic fans have higher upfront costs. Most electric fans’ wattage is less than 300, so they don’t cost too much to run.

Solar attic fans - Solar attic fans, like the 14" Solar Attic Fan 40 W Panel - 1092 CFM, are run on solar energy. This option is the most expensive by far, although, in the long run, it should save you money. Solar attic fans can come in roof-mounted or gable-mounted varieties; however, the solar panel needs to be installed nearby, so the roof-mounted type is more common. When installing a solar panel for your attic fan, it is important to keep in mind what part of your roof receives the most sun.

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