Become a Fan of Whole House Fans

Who doesn’t love the idea of a cooler home during the dog days of summer? Summer is here, and this summer is already off to an exceptionally warm start in some parts of the country.

With El Nino speculations running rampant for 2014, there are some who believe this could be the catalyst for thewarmest year on record. You owe it to yourself and your family to find a better way to keep your cool no matter how hot it gets outside. These are just a few of the reasons you should become a fan of whole house fans.

Cost Savings

Cheap is good, especially when it comes to electric bills. The truth of the matter is that air conditioners are energy hogs in contrast to whole house fans that are far less expensive to states that you can use a whole house fan to cool your home for a good part of the year.

This results in more significant savings throughout the year – especially if you use a whole house fan to cool your home at night and throughout the bulk of the day only turning on your air conditioner during the hottest part of the day or when it becomes uncomfortable inside your home.

Air Quality Improvement

Indoor air quality is a major concern in homes today. With more people paying attention to things like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), off-gassing, and harmful toxins families are breathing in, it’s hard to deny that removing harmful air from inside your home is a good thing.

Whole house fans work by expelling the air currently inside your home and drawing fresh, clean air into your home. Your family is no longer breathing in stale and potentially harmful air. Instead, you’re bringing in air that’s clean and fresh — thereby reducing indoor air pollution — when you use a whole house fan.

Health Benefits

Finally, there are the health benefits. Not only do whole house fans get rid of many toxins in the air that can lead to a wide range of respiratory conditions, headaches, and even cancer in some cases, but it also helps to eliminate moisture. Moisture in the home leads to mold and mildew, which each have their own destructive tendencies to your family’s health as well as the physical structure of your home.

Easing Concerns

The biggest concern about whole house fans is the level of noise. The website indicates that properly installed whole house fans, installed with rubber or felt gaskets (these dampen the noise), make less noise than small hours fans operating at high speeds.

Saving money, staying cool, breathing better, and enjoying improved health are just some of the benefits of whole house fans. Now that you know noise won’t be a problem, the only question remaining is what you’re waiting for? Find out what a whole house fan can mean for your home today.

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