Benefits of a Solar Power Attic Fan

When your mind thinks "rooftop solar" the first thing that likely pops in your mind is panels. But, another type of solar that could benefit you from installing on your roof is a solar attic fan. Solar attic fans are standalone, small rooftop devices for ventilation the sun powers.

Just like with other types of attic fans, solar attic fans will keep your attic cool in the summertime and help with condensation problems in the wintertime. And, a solar attic fan actually works better than its line-driven, conventional counterparts.

Benefits of a Solar Power Attic Fan

Solar attic fans have many benefits, including:

  1. Improve the Comfort of Your Home

By moving stuffy, hot air and improving ventilation in your attic, a solar attic fan works to lower the temperature of your attic up to 40 degrees F.

  1. Quiet

Many individuals don't like using fans because they can be noisy. If this is your case, you'll be pleased to learn solar attic fans are very quiet and they won't disrupt your sleep at night, if you wanted to use them at night.

  1. Saves Energy

Eliminating excess heat from your attic can reduce your HVAC load so your AC unit won't have to run as frequently. However, you might not realize that operating a conventional attic fan can consume more energy than it saves you. But, since solar attic fans run from the sun's energy, it will reduce your fossil fuel consumption as well as your carbon footprint.

Popular QuietCool Solar and Smart Power Attic Fans

Here's a look at several solar and smart power attic fans you can consider for your attic.

  1. Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan

You easily control the Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan through an app you download and install on your smartphone or tablet. Its Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM) will help conserve energy and you can actually see your attic's humidity levels and temperature through the Smart Control App so you know when you should turn the fan on. Plus, with it's auto adjustment feature on the control, you can set your fan so it only runs when it's needed.

  1. 14" Solar Attic Fan 40 W Panel

This 14" Solar Attic Fan by QuietCool, doesn't require any wiring with or after installation. It has an inverter built right in allowing you to run the fan 24/7. It automatically switches over to electricity at night after the sun goes down without you having to control it. When the temperature reaches 88 degrees, the fan turns on. It shuts off when the temperature reaches 77 degrees, helping save energy.

The DC motor is energy efficient and doesn't require any maintenance. You get maximum exposure with the adjustable bracket, allowing you to tilt the fan up to a 180 degree horizontal rotation and 60 degree vertical tilt.

Other features of this fan are:

  • AC/DC inverter to provide 24/7 cooling
  • 40 watt polycrystalline solar panel
  • Built in preset thermostat
  • No wiring - plug and play
  • Save money on AC costs
  1. Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan

The Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan also requires no complicated wiring. It's ECM is energy efficient, your attic stays nice and cool and you can run the fan efficiently and save money on your energy bill. This QuietCool smart attic fan only uses 148 watts and still moves 2801 CFM on its highest speed.

Use the QuietCool App and bluetooth to control this fan, anywhere in your home.

With any QuietCool smart or solar attic fans, your attic will stay cooler than it would with a standard single-speed attic fan and you save money since you're operating the fan at lower speeds, which causes you to use a lower wattage, ultimately saving on electricity.