Benefits of Using a Whole House Fan in Your California Home

Coastal California is home to some of the most amazing weather on the planet. However, the temperatures can really heat up during the warm summer months. When this comes the benefits whole house fans provide, as a California homeowner, you can go far beyond what you pay for your utility bills.

These are just a few key benefits homeowners in California coastal climate zones can experience from using whole house fans.

May Completely Eliminate the Need for Air Conditioning
While it sounds too good to be true, especially during the warmest days of summer, a UCLA study indicates that installing a whole house fan can eliminate the need to install air conditioning in homes all together in 10 of the 16 climate zones of California.

Not only is the huge savings for homeowners faced with whether or not to go to the expense of air conditioning, but it also saves homeowners money each month by not operating air conditioners that cost more.

Greater Energy Efficiency
When you consider the sheer number of homes littering the California coastline the numbers are staggering. Each one of those homes uses an incredible amount of energy each year, requiring various types of fuels and creating huge amounts of harm to the environment as a result. Because whole house fans utilize far less electricity than air conditioning, they help to reduce the burden on the energy grid and the pollution that would otherwise occur.

Greater Savings
How substantial are the potential savings? Enough so that California Title 24 Building Code now requires new home and commercial constructions in climate zones eight through 14 to install whole house fans for the purpose of reducing the load on air conditioners throughout the region. This doesn’t only involve Coastal California. In fact, it extends to the following areas:

El Toro
Red Bluff
China Lake

The goal of this and other building code changes in recent years is consistently to reduce the energy consumption of homes across the state. Whole house fans greatly decrease the need for air conditioning in the evening and overnight hours statewide and may reduce the need for air conditioning at all, for most of the year, in many coastal areas.

Whether your goal is to cut your personal utility costs during the warmer summer months, you are concerned about the planet, or you’re simply looking for ways to keep your home more comfortable year round, the addition of a whole house fan should be a welcome one for your home, your family, and your budget.

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