Benefits of Using a Whole House Fan in Your Mountain Home

There’s nothing on earth quite like living in a sleepy mountain town in California. There’s always something to do. From hiking and fishing during warmer weather, to skiing, sledding, and snowboarding when winter weather strikes. It’s the perfect balance of fun for homeowners and nature lovers alike.

When you build or buy in this part of the state, however, you might want to consider adding a whole house fan to your list of must-have items for your home. Here are just a few benefits they offer homes in the California mountains whether you’re living in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Cascade Range, the Santa Monica Mountains, the Santa Ynez Mountains, or one of the coastal mountain ranges.

Draw Fresh Mountain Air into Your Home
For most of the year, the weather is comfortable enough that you won’t even think about ways to cool your mountain home off. It simply won’t be necessary. That doesn’t mean your home couldn’t use a little fresh air. In fact, it may need a little more than you realize. According to the EPA, the air inside your home could be anywhere from two to five and as much as up to 100 times more harmful than the air outside.

Whole house fans use open windows on the lower levels of your home to draw fresh air into your home while pushing old, stale, and sometimes toxic, air out through rooftop vents. It helps to improve the air quality inside your home while also helping you shake off the cobwebs and stale odors winter leaves behind.

Keeps things Crisp and Cool on Mild Summer Days
One great thing about whole house fans is that they help you minimize your need for air conditioning. In fact, in most mountain areas, depending on your particular elevation, it could eliminate your need for air conditioning altogether. Anytime the air outside your home is cooler than the air inside your home, you can use your whole house fan to cool your inside air by pushing warmer air out, through attic vents, and drawing cooler air in through open windows.

Not only can it help to relieve the heat from cooking after a day of fishing in fresh mountain lakes, it also helps to remove the odors, so they don’t linger inside your home (a little added bonus for you).

Many people who live in the mountains of California are bona fide nature lovers. You’ll be glad to know that operating a whole house fan to regulate the temperature inside your home requires much less energy than operating an air conditioner, adding to the benefits these fans deliver.

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