Benefits of Using Solar-Powered, Quiet Attic Fans at Home

Have you ever wandered into your attic during the summer months, only to find yourself wanting to get out of there as fast as possible? Temperatures can soar in that enclosed space, especially if it lacks proper ventilation. It’s not uncommon for attic temperatures to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit fast on a scorching day. You can prevent this by installing a solar-powered quiet attic fan to help remove warm air and ventilate the space. All you need is proper roof venting before installing one.

Before installing an attic fan, verify that there is at least one square foot of attic vents for every 300 square feet of attic area. Many homes have sufficient roof vents, but you can always double-check to be sure.

If you’re still unsure about using an attic fan, here are some of the benefits it can bring to you and your household:


Solar-powered attic fans rely on solar energy from the sun to function, but does that mean they stop running after sunset?

They typically stop working when the sun goes down, but new solar-powered quiet attic fan models have an AC/DC Smart Inverter to keep them running at night with your home’s electricity. That means free ventilation during the daytime and a cooler attic at nighttime when it uses cooler outdoor air. They ensure sufficient ventilation throughout the day to prevent your attic from becoming extremely hot.

Protect your investments

An attic fan can protect your roof, as the high temperatures can make it more prone to damage. With a cooler attic, your central air conditioner won’t have to work harder to cool the house. Attic fans help regulate temperatures and cool the attic, and they also affect the A/C ducting to keep it cooler, helping your air-conditioner to function efficiently.

Cooler living spaces

A hot attic can make temperatures unbearable for the entire home during the day. A solar-powered quiet attic fan can reduce heat penetration from that area, so your living spaces can be cooler and more comfortable. It may even help you save up to 30 percent on the cost of running an air-conditioner.