Benefits of Whole House Fans for Contractors

Whole house fans offer many benefits to homeowners. So many, in fact, that many housing communities are beginning to offer them as standard features in the homes they are building. That means that contractors who install whole house fans are likely to get more bids in these new home communities throughout the country.

Why do you want to make sure you offer whole house fans when building homes? You’ll find a few great reasons below.

  1. Easy and quick to install. Whole house fans can be installed in as little as 45 minutes when building a home and can add a great deal of value and comfort for homeowners. It’s an easy fix for something that will provide an infinitely positive return on investment when it comes to installation time and customer satisfaction.
  2. Potentially profitable for contractors. Very few upsells when building a home provide quite the profound return on investment homeowners experience when opting for a whole house fan. It’s the perfect upsell when installing air conditioning units and a perfectly viable option for customers who want to stay cool during the warmer months but cannot afford central air conditioning.
  3. Availability of rebates. You’ll find that many electric companies offer whole house fan rebates for purchasing and installing them.
  4. Great for environmental concerns. You have customers who are concerned about their carbon footprints. Whole house fans give them the comfort of living in a cooler home without the planetary costs running an air conditioner constantly provides. Even among those who want the comfort of central air conditioning, a whole house fan provides a viable alternative for reducing their reliance on less environmentally friendly choices like air conditioning.
  5. Ables homeowners to save on their energy costs. In some temperate and mild climates, like in many areas in California, for example, homeowners can save up to 90 percent on their air conditioning costs.
  6. Offers home buyers option of better indoor air quality. Another growing concern among homeowners and home buyers alike is indoor air quality. When you install whole house fans in the homes you build, you’re giving them the option of improving indoor air quality in their homes by leaps and bounds. Not only can these fans draw out stale air filled with pollen, mold, and mildew, it can also rid their homes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, and bacteria.

As an added bonus, whole house fans can help them get rid of foul odors from cooking, pets, and more that would otherwise linger. This means homes can be healthier, air can be more breathable, and their guests won’t be able to tell what they had for dinner three days ago by the smell. It’s an excellent selling point.

Now is the perfect time to consider adding whole house fans to your list of offerings for homeowners and see how much your contracting customers appreciate the option.

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