Benefits of Whole House Fans in Moderate Climates

Whole house fans offer a variety of benefits for homeowners in almost every climate. Those who live in moderate climates, though, have even more to gain by investing in whole house fans. These are a few of the key benefits you can enjoy when you invest in a whole house fan for your home.

Reduce Dependence on Air Conditioning
In many moderate regions, you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning up to 90 percent by using a whole house fan for all but the hottest days of summer. This will not only help to lower your cooling costs since air conditioners draw so much more energy than fans and other similar devices, but it will also help to limit the wear and tear on your air conditioning unit as summer progresses.

Clear the Air Inside Your Home
Because whole house fans draw fresh clean air into the home through open windows and expels the hot stale air out through attic vents, it removes many of the toxins that would otherwise linger inside your home. This includes things like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, mildew, allergens, bacteria, and other things that can causes illnesses among family members.

Limits Moisture Inside Your Home
Moisture is a bigger problem than many people realize for home owners. Much of it lingers in your attic – often unseen – while causing damage to the structure of your home and the soundness of your roof. Using a whole house fans is one way to effectively draw out this moisture so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to harm your home or the people you love who live in it.

Creates a Comfortable Living Environment for Less
Not only does it cost less to operate a whole house fan than an air conditioner, but it has a much lower impact on the planet. This creates a situation in which you can feel good about keeping your home cool and comfortable because it not only costs your wallet less money to keep your home cool, but it also costs the planet less as well.

A whole house fan opens a whole new world of opportunity for people living in moderate climates to keep your homes nice and cool while enjoying other benefits that go beyond creature comforts at the same time.

Now is the perfect time to make the investment in your home and the health and comfort of your family by investing a whole house fan and using it wisely and using it well. Give us a call here at to learn more. 1.888.229.5757