Beyond AC: Smart Ways to Cool Your Home

The dog days of summer are here and many of us will be relying heavily on our in home air conditioners to keep comfortable. Air conditioners use an incredible amount of resources, especially during the hottest summer months. Not only is relying fully on your air conditioner to keep your home cool hard on your wallet, it also has various negative impacts on the environment. Because of this, there are many benefits to finding creative ways to cool your home outside of your air conditioning system.

If you typically rely on your HVAC unit as the sole means of keeping your home cool, it can be hard to break the habit. So, to make things a little easier, we have but together 8 smart ways to cool your home without your AC.

  1. Keep your windows covered: Use light colored blind and curtains to block the sun from heating your home.
  1. Open up: If the temperature drops overnight or in the early morning, turn off your air conditioner and open up your windows.
  1. Use your ceiling fans: When the weather isn’t too hot or too humid, ceiling fans can be used in place of your air conditioner.
  1. Install a whole house fan: A whole house fan, combined with ceiling fans and open windows, can keep your home comfortable without the air conditioner on most warm days. If it is cooler at night, running a whole house fan is a great way to pull the cool night air into your home and push the hot air from the previous day out of your home.
  1. Avoid heating up your house: There are some appliances in your home which may heat up your home when being used. Avoid using your oven, dryer, and washer during the day. Instead, grill out or eat foods which don’t need cooked and hang your clothes outside to dry.
  1. Dress appropriately: When at home, dressing in light clothes will help you to feel more comfortable in your home if you choose not to turn on your AC.
  1. Make your home heat resistant: Even if you live in a newer home, there may be aspects of your home which makes it less than efficient during the summer months. Adding insulation or fixing air leaks with make your home more resistant to extreme temperatures.
  1. Invest in preventative AC maintenance: Even if you use every tip outlined above, you may still need to run your AC from time to time. Because of this, it is important you keep your air conditioner in top working condition. Invest in preventative maintenance to ensure your air conditioner can efficiently keep your home cool.

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