Building a Garage With an Attic: Don’t Forget to Include a Garage Exhaust Fan

If you’re building a standalone two or three-car garage, it is worth your while to consider using the space above the garage. How can you use that space most efficiently? You might want to consider using it for either attic storage or loft space that can become a man cave, kid’s play area, guest room, etc. Of course, the next step in that evolutionary process, is figuring out the best way to keep that space cool enough to tolerate.

This is where installing a garage exhaust fan comes into the picture. These fans draw cooler air from the garage into the attic space above the garage while exhausting the hot air out through attic vents – creating a circle of airflow and essentially cooling both areas for the same expenditure of energy and effort it would take to cool one.

Now the question becomes, which fan do you choose for this important task. By now you probably know that not all garage exhaust fans are created equal. One that stands heads and shoulders above the rest is the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 garage exhaust fan. The fan has earned the name and it really does say it all. It runs quieter than many similar fans while keeping garages up to 20 degrees cooler.

The fan comes with a 15-year warranty and a 47-Watt ECM motor. This helps you buy with confidence that your motor will work efficiently while offering superior airflow. The other important thing to keep in mind about the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 garage/attic fan is that it comes equipped with a thermostat you can essentially set and forget. You don’t have to worry about turning the fan on or off at various intervals to keep a fairly steady comfort zone in the garage and attic living or storage space you’ve created.

Chances are that even if you intend to use the space above your garage solely for storage that you will use your garage for many purposes, including auto maintenance and repairs, building projects, and countless other odds and ends. Keeping the space cool and comfortable allows you to enjoy the time you spend in your garage much more. The Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 Garage Exhaust Fan allows you to do just that.

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