Can a Whole House Fan Eliminate Household Odors?

There are many smells that can fill the air of your home. Some are not as bad as others. From cooking odors and pet odors to old shoes and mold and mildew in your laundry room, many smells are too strong for air fresheners. And, while air fresheners and candles can cover up bad smells temporarily with a more pleasant scent, they don’t protect you from smelly substances that could contain toxic VOC gases.

A whole house fan is your solution. It not only eliminates bad household odors, but it also exhausts these VOC gases out of your home.

Benefits of Whole House Fans
Some reasons why you should use a whole house fan in addition to eliminating stinky odors from your home are:

Cools your living space quickly in the hot summer months
Improves air quality
Gets rid of stale air in the winter months
Helps reduce your AC costs
Creates a healthier home environment
Avoids household disruption because they’re extremely quiet

A whole house fan can even draw out the smell of smoke, but also draws out things like paint fumes, cleaning supply fumes and more. And, it doesn’t attempt to simply cover bad odors up — it relocates them outdoors.

How Whole House Fans Work
Whole house fans work by drawing in fresh outdoor air from the outdoors into your home through open windows on your lower level floors and then exhausts warm, smelly indoor air through your attic vents to the outside of your home.

This results in more breathable indoor home air. What you might not realize is your home’s indoor air doesn’t have anywhere to go, especially when your home is airtight from you trying to conserve energy. And, for energy conservation, this is actually a great thing. But, it’s not a great thing when it comes to unpleasant odors and toxins in the air.

You see, having an airtight home in an effort to conserve energy doesn’t just keep the stale, warm air inside your house, it also keeps the musty smells, dust and bad odors from being able to escape your home. And, this means you’re continually breathing in smoke, chemicals and rancid odors.

Along with moving your inside home air outdoors, a whole house fan also pulls in clean, fresh outdoor air into your home.

You can make use of your whole house fan in the to pull in the cooler air each night and morning and then you can turn the fan off and shut your windows in the afternoon to keep the cool air from getting out when things start heating up outdoors while you avoid the high costs of running the AC. It’s a simple solution that will yield you big results when it comes to keeping fresh, cool indoor home air.

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