Cool Nights in Fall are Perfect for Whole House Fans

Back in the day, the primary source of cooling was whole house fans. This was prior to the common use of residential air conditioning. In the ideal conditions, whole house fans continue providing homeowners with a great option for cooling when they're looking to avoid running their AC units all the time. And, fall is one of the ideal times to realize the benefits of a whole house fan.

How Whole House Fans Work
Whole house fans are exactly what they sound like: a stationery fan that helps to cool your entire home instead of simply cooling a small area, like a desk or floor fan does.

To put it simply, any time the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air, whole house fans can bring bigger volumes of cool air into the home quickly and push the warm air up through your attic where it's vented out into the outdoors. This results in a more comfortable, cooler home.

Benefits of a Whole House Fan
A whole house fan can benefit your home and family in a number of ways. Some benefits you may experience are:

  • Operating and installation costs are substantially lower than ductless or central AC when used as a main cooling system
  • Extends your existing air conditioner's lifespan when you cool your home with the whole house fan instead of your AC unit
  • For many individuals, the desirable bonus is better, fresher air quality
  • Replaces odors, stale air and volatile organic compounds with fresh, clean air
  • Lower energy bills for home cooling, whenever conditions enable you to cool your home with a whole house fan instead of your AC unit

Factors that Impact the Effectiveness of a Whole House Fan
The use of a whole house fan for cooling your home efficiently depends on numerous factors. The temperature is the most important factor and this makes nights and the fall season the perfect times to run a whole house fan because the temperatures are cooler.

Fortunately, with the new smart designs like automatic insulating doors and other features, most climates in the U.S. can benefit from cooling with whole-house fans. Obviously, the more humid and warmer the evening air, the least effective whole-house cooling will be, therefore, certain things will come into play like your:

  • Ideas on personal comfort
  • Lifestyle
  • Energy conservation

During mornings, evenings, and nights during springtime, summertime and definitely during the fall, you can enjoy greater comfort levels from the use of your whole house fan and more likely allow it to replace your air conditioning use during these times. This results in allowing fresh air into your home and nice savings on your energy bills.

During day-to-day operation, before the outdoor temperatures start climbing as the sun makes its way higher into the sky, you'll keep your whole house fan off to prevent hot air from being pulled into your home. But, as the day progresses and the sun starts going down and the temperatures begin dropping, you can effectively operate your whole house fan again to continue cooling your home.

 Installation of your whole house fan can be a bit tricky, therefore, you'll want to have a professional come in and do the installation. They'll take measurements of your attic and handle the dedicated circuit wiring installation and new attic vents if needed.

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