Cost-Effective Cooling: Benefits of a Home Attic Fan

Your attic is essentially a big empty box sitting right under the roof. The sun beats down on that roof all day during the summer, turning your attic into a giant heat lamp. And because most attics don't have good air circulation, they trap all that heat instead of letting it escape. This can make your attic way hotter than the outside temperature.

This extra heat might not seem a big deal at first, but it can potentially damage your roofing and make your air conditioner work even harder than it already does. As a result, your energy bills may skyrocket. Thankfully, there is a way to mitigate the heat — and that is by installing a home attic fan from Whole House Fan.

Here at Whole House Fan, we offer solutions to improve ventilation and manage the problems caused by excess heat and moisture in the attic. Our Quiet Cool attic fan is available in different models, so you can find the best fit for your house.

Quiet Cool’s attic fans are proven effective at ventilating and removing warm air from enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces like attics. However, we recommend checking your home to ensure sufficient roof venting. Most homes already have that, but you can always double-check before buying a home attic fan. Ideally, there should be at least one square foot of vents for every 300 square feet of the space.

Are you thinking of installing a Quiet cool attic fan but are not sure whether it’s worth the investment? Read on to learn the benefits of installing one. We will also talk about how it works and how it can help you save money in the long run.

Cool your attic efficiently

Does your home still feel hot even with air conditioning and ceiling fans running all summer? The culprit could be your attic.

One of the benefits of installing a Quiet Cool attic fan is to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A properly ventilated attic helps keep the air-conditioning ducting cooler for efficient operation. With a home attic fan, your air conditioner won’t have to work too hard to attain optimum cooling temperatures and keep your living spaces comfortable.

An energy-efficient home is naturally cooler, meaning you won’t have to keep using your air conditioner too much. In turn, this can potentially reduce your energy costs.

Do you want more energy savings? Consider a solar-powered Quiet Cool attic fan like this one. Its built-in inverter allows you to run it 24/7 by making it switch to electricity when the sun goes down, eliminating the need to worry about turning it off and on. Plus, the built-in preset thermostat sets it at 88 degrees when running and at 77 degrees when off.

A properly ventilated attic allows hot air to leave the space. A home attic fan pulls air from outdoors through the soffit vents installed in the eaves. At the same time, it pushes the hot air out via the attached dormers, replacing the hot, stifling air with a cooler and fresher one that helps reduce attic temperatures and contributes to cooler living spaces.

With a home attic fan, you won’t have to worry about the problems associated with an overheated space, such as damage to your roof and belongings.

Avoid heat and moisture damage

Do you store memorabilia, seasonal objects, and other things in your attic? Installing a Quiet Cool attic fan is a great way to keep them in good condition. Proper ventilation regulates the temperatures in that space to reduce mildew and mold problems that result from moisture buildup. Additionally, it prevents excessive heat from damaging your belongings.

Too much moisture in the attic is also harmful to your health. Without a home attic fan, hot, humid, and stale air accumulates in the space and encourages mold and mildew to form. These harmful elements can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions if left unchecked. Plus, they can cause structural damage to the roof and attic and are expensive to clean up.

Prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements

High temperatures and moisture buildup can damage your roof and cause other unwanted problems, like mold and mildew. A home attic fan significantly reduces the temperature in that space, effectively extending the lifespan of sheathing and roofing shingles in the summer.

Additionally, the fan regulates attic temperatures in the colder months to prevent ice dam formation. The fan brings the temperature between that and outside the home to a comfortable level, preventing the snow from melting on the roof and freezing in the cold gutters.

Enjoy cooler living spaces

The attic traps heat from both the lower floors and the outdoor environment, and without a home attic fan, its temperature can soar to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, even when it's just 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Running your Quiet Cool attic fan during the hottest times of the day can help reduce the temperature in this space by up to 50 degrees. Doing this also reduces the temperature in your living spaces by 10 degrees.

Worry-free cooling

A Quiet Cool home attic fan has a durable, maintenance-free DC motor. It brings energy-efficient cooling that leads to 30% savings on air-conditioning costs. This AFG SMT PRO-3.0 attic gable fan has a smart control and a two-speed PSC motor, with a fire safety sense shut off for added security to your home. Setting it up is easy with a plug-and-play installation that eliminates complex wiring. Quiet Cool attic fans run with minimal noise and vibration, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

And should your air conditioner break down, you won’t have to suffer in a hot and humid home. The Quiet Cool attic fan can help regulate temperatures until you get a replacement or complete the repairs.

Experience these benefits

Get a home attic fan from Whole House Fan and experience the benefits of a cooler home. If you’re not sure which Quiet Cool attic fan to get, call 1-661-775-5979 for free expert advice.