Does Your Hobby Room Have an Exhaust Fan?

If you have a hobby and crafts room in your home, you might be unintentionally risking your own health. This is due to toxins that craft supplies like paint, glue, and markers have. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, this is a serious risk, but one you can help to remedy with ventilation and an exhaust fan. Here is more information about using an exhaust fan in your hobby room.

The Dangers of Hobby Rooms
There are a variety of chemicals used in the different craft supplies you likely use on a regular basis. For example, volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are found in paint, primer, and glue glazes. These chemicals contaminate the air in your home as they evaporate due to the drying process. If you make your own clothing items or use nail polish foten in the hobby room, you might be susceptible to perfluorinated compounds. There is also triclosan found in a lot of cleaning products. If you are using certain soaps to clean jars for crafts, be careful about this chemical. There are also many other chemicals and toxins found in supplies, such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, manganese, and chromium.

How Exhaust Fans Can Help
Not only should you have some natural ventilation in your hobby room with windows that you can open, it’s also a good idea to have an exhaust fan that helps to clear toxins and chemicals from the air. This allows you to remove harsh odors from solvent, glue, and paint. The pollutants from these toxins can remain in the air for some time if it has nowhere to go, which means every time you work in the hobby room, you are being exposed to it. An exhaust fan help to move the contaminated air and pull it from the room and outside.

If you have a bathroom with an exhaust fan, you already know how the exhaust fan works. It helps to pull that air out of the bathroom to help reduce the fog and moisture. This is the same idea with an exhaust fan for your hobby room.

It can help to contact a professional who is able to install your hobby room exhaust fan. You may also be able to get a fan that fits one of the windows, so you place the fan in front and keep that window open.

A whole house fan can help ventilate your home’s indoor air, and serve the purpose of an exhaust system, in addition to helping cool your home.