Energy Efficient Windows and Whole House Fans – A Winning Combination

Energy bills can be killer when temperatures soar outside. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to seek out new ways to keep your home comfortable, without raising your energy costs. You may view a whole house fans and windows as expenses. The truth is, they are investments that quickly pay for themselves.

What Can Homeowners Do to Make Windows Energy Efficient?
There are several ways you can go about getting windows that are more energy efficient for your home. Consider the following to give your home a boost when it comes to energy conservation through your windows, especially when used with whole house fans:

Invest in double pain windows for your home.

Install a low emissivity (low E) film to your existing windows.

There are other options to consider if you’re interested in conserving energy that escapes through windows. One option, installing storm windows, does not work in combination with the use of whole house fans. That is, unless you plan to remove them in warmer months.

Installing awnings over your windows can assist, though, by blocking radiant heat from coming into your home. It does this by providing a shade over your windows through the brutal summer months.

Some homeowners do install storm windows over their existing windows during winter months to prevent cold air from coming into the home through the windows while also preventing warm air from escaping. You can remove storm windows in the warmer months. This allows more ventilation and to aid in bringing fresh air into the home.

Don’t forget to check out Energy Star ratings to learn about which types of windows are most energy efficient as you search for energy efficient window solutions for your home.

How Do Whole House Fans Help When Used with Energy Efficient Windows?
The thing about energy efficient windows, is that they help to prevent cool air from escaping your home during summer. Whole house fans work by drawing cool air into your home during the night and early morning hours. Once you shut your windows, the goal is to prevent warm air from coming in.

Energy efficient windows can help accomplish this by reflecting the super-heated air away from your home and/or by preventing radiant heat from becoming a factor during the hottest hours of the day when the sun is bearing down on your home.

Whole house fans provide benefits beyond simply cooling your home, by helping to improve air quality and draw moisture and contaminants out of your home through attic ventilation. Combine those benefits with the energy saving benefits of energy efficient window and you do have a winning combination on your hands for your home and for the planet.

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