Energy Saving Fan: Finding the Best Fans for Your Home

Are you looking to save on air conditioning and energy bills while keeping your home cool? Then it’s time to buy an energy-saving fan. However, it's important to pick the right type of fan for your needs in order to truly enjoy the benefits, such as lower energy bills and improved ventilation. With the right fan, you may find that you use your air conditioner less frequently.


Know your cooling needs

Determine the size of your home in square footage, excluding the garage, attic, and basement, then multiply that by three. For instance, if you have a 2,200-square-foot home, you require a whole house fan that moves at least 6,600 CFM of air per minute. Reputable retailers and manufacturers can recommend an energy-saving fan for your home in case you’re unsure what’s right for you.


Features to look for

Find a well-known brand of energy-saving whole-house fans with an energy-efficient, certified green motor. Make sure the fan gets high ratings from the California Energy Commission based on its CFM and watts used.


Ensure quiet operation

Older whole-house fans tend to be noisy and disruptive to your daily activities. They may even annoy your neighbors if they are too loud. The modern energy-saving fan runs quieter because of the insulated acoustical ducting attached to the R5 damper box, enabling ultra-quiet operation without vibrations. You can let a cool breeze circulate throughout your home. Alternatively, you can run it without generating a breeze.


Ease of installation

Quiet Cool are an energy-efficient fan that is very easy to install and provides the quiet, energy-saving cooling your home deserves.


Efficient, reliable operation

Some energy-saving fans can cool specific zones in your home. So, if there are vacant or unused rooms, close them off, and the fan will cool only the areas that require cooling, allowing you to save more money and increase everyone’s comfort.