Exhaust Fans for Auto Body Garages

If you work in an auto body garage, you know how important it is to work in a safe and comfortable environment. The job itself can be hard enough without the added dangers and discomforts of a poorly ventilated garage.

Heat, humidity, and fumes can quickly build up in the garage if you’re not careful. If your current ventilation system isn’t cutting it anymore and you need to upgrade to a new system, you should turn to exhaust fans if you haven’t already.

Auto Body Garage Ventilation
Passive ventilation — the process of alloiwng air naturally circulate via vents and open doors or windows — isn’t good enough for auto body garages. Things can get hot and humid in the summer, plus, you’re working around fumes and gas that pose health hazards. Therefore, opening the garage door and window to let it air out won’t do it.

What you need is active ventilation, exhaust fans that will continuously pump out trapped air and create a cooling breeze throughout your shop.

Garage Exhaust Fans
Garage exhaust fans are the perfect ventilation system for auto body garages. These are highly efficient and powerful fans that will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fresh, clean air. Unlike air conditioning, garage exhaust fans will exhaust the old air and bring in fresh, outdoor air. This will cut down on humidity, rust, rot, and indoor air pollution.
  • Cool breeze. While the garage exhaust fan is running, you can enjoy a nice breeze as the air circulates.
  • Energy efficient. Garage exhaust fans don’t require tons of electricity to operate, unlike AC.
  • Increase product and service quality. Proper airflow is required for paint jobs, allowing new coats to quickly and evenly dry. Also, you can eliminate dust from the environment, improving working conditions for employees.
  • Affordable: Garage exhaust fans are affordable to purchase and install. They require little to no maintenance and cost very little to operate.

Garage Exhaust Fan QuietCool GA ES-1500: If you’re looking to improve the ventilation in your auto body shop, you can’t go wrong with the Garage Exhaust Fan QuietCool GA ES-1500. This high-quality garage fan is the most energy-efficient fan in the market. It also boasts whisper quiet operation, so communication in your garage will be a breeze when you operate this fan.

This fan also includes a Wireless RF Kit for your convenience. With the Wireless RF Kit, you can easily control the settings of your new fan via remote.

Consider an exhaust fan for your auto body garage today. Your order usually ships the next business day from the day we receive it.