Exhaust Fans for Horse Stables

Whether you have to maintain a horse stable for work or pleasure, you know caring for horses is a lot of work. You need to keep horses happy, fed, watered, cool, and you need to ensure the stables stay maintained.

Unfortunately, poorly ventilated horse stables are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures, high humidity, rot, mold, poor air quality, and most of all, bad smells.

It’s easy for air to get trapped in the stables and that’s not good for you, your horses, or the stables themselves. Left to time, any poorly ventilated space can result in costly future repairs along with health risks.

Luckily, it’s not the 1800s anymore and there’s a simple fix to this problem… exhaust fans.

Types of Fans for Horse Stables
When it comes to adding ventilation and exhausting air from your stables, you’ve got a few options apart from exhaust fans, although we recommend them as they’re generally the most effective. 

  • Ceiling fans: If you want a simple option and your horse barn only needs a little extra boost to improve ventilation, a ceiling fan is a good bet. However, these fans are the least effective option, so they’re best combined with other fans. Moreover, they’re most compatible with barns with high ceilings.
  • Misting fans: Misting fans are best if your horse stable is in a hot, dry climate and you need to keep your horses cool. Misting fans provide some airflow to cool down your horse barn while adding in the cooling effect of evaporating water. However, these fans require additional care to operate effectively and require water to function.
  • Box fans: Box fans are a good option if you’re ventilating a small space or individual stables. While not the most powerful option, they are very versatile, portable, and affordable.
  • Circulation fans: If you want a portable fan but need something stronger than your typical box fan, a circulation fan is a good option. These fans are high-velocity and can be easily moved or mounted. They’re perfect for moving air in a concentrated area, making them a good option for larger spaces.
  • Exhaust fans: Exhaust fans are mounted fans that can be installed on the walls or ceilings of the horse stables. They require intake vents to properly function. By efficiently drawing in outside air and exhausting trapped air, they are great at expelling odors, humidity, and high heat, making them the best option for any horse stables that needs to seriously improve its ventilation.

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